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Waste Reduction Week October 15-21,2023

It’s Waste Reduction Week in Summerland!

Reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfill is important not only for the environment, but for our economy as well. Landfill space is valuable and the more waste we create, the more expensive it is for our community to maintain the landfill over time.

Check out for ideas on how you can reduce waste in your home or business!

Summerland Recycling Depot

What better time than to clean out your house and bring your items to the recycling depot for sorting and recycling. Did you know that the Summerland Sanitary Landfill Recycling Depot accepts a number of recyclable items for free? Items must be empty, clean, dry, sorted, and placed in the proper recycle area.

Bring your items to the Recycling Depot Monday to Saturday from 8:30AM-4:15PM, we accept containers, paper and cardboard, glass containers, foam packaging, plastics (soft and other flexibles), light bulbs and batteries, e-waste, and TV’s and small appliances.

Any other large items not listed above must be brought to the landfill. Summerland’s Landfill also accepts hazardous waste, such as paint and paint thinners, pesticides, flammables, and propane tanks, gas, fuel, and mixed fuels, oil, oil containers and filters, anti-freeze and aerosol cans, and fluorescent light tubes.

Community events

Replenish Refillery and Zero Waste Store (9921 Main St, Summerland)

Sunday October 15th from 12PM-4PM bring your old Fall/Winter clothes to Replenish for a clothing swap! Find some ‘new’ threads and trade in your old ones. Please ensure all clothing is freshly laundered.

Wednesday October 18th FREE Worm Composting information session 6:30PM-7:30PM at Replenish.

Replenish also accepts the following recycling items: Nespresso and Tassimo aluminum pods, Oral care waste, 6 pack rings, Beauty product containers, Pens, markers etc, Razors and batteries, Soft plastics by donation. There is also a green industrial bin out back, in teh driveway, on Wharton St. 

To help celebrate Waste Reduction Week, Summerland is hosting the following events:

Celebrate a Champion Contest

Know an individual or business who is showing leadership by reducing waste? Tell us about it! Winners will receive a certificate and a small prize to acknowledge their efforts, and will be announced on Summerland's FB social media account. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every day of the week has a waste reduction theme (see the graphic below and visit for more details) – you can enter one nomination per theme.
  2. Each nomination should include your name, the name and contact of the person/business you're nominating, the theme day they're nominated for, and a few sentences about why you're nominating them. Photos are great too!
  3. Send a short email with the information above to by 4pm on Monday October 23.
  4.  A winner will be selected for each daily theme. The winners will be shared on the District’s Facebook account.

Join Summerland in celebrating waste reduction week by attending events in town, please visit out website for more details

Contest Rules:

  1. The person being nominated must be a resident of the District of Summerland or be a business working in the District to win a prize.
  2. Each person entering may enter one nomination for each of the daily themes (total of up to 7).

Film Screening

Monday October 16th at 6:30 (doors open 6:00PM)  at the Centre Stage at the Summerland High School (9518 Main St Summerland)

Join Replenish Refillery and the District of Summerland for a FREE screening of ‘Rethinking The World’s Waste: Circular Economy.'

By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than marine life, and billions of tonnes of food, clothes, electronics, and construction waste end up in landfills across the world every year. Firms and scientists in forward-thinking countries are now formulating circular economy business models, so that waste from one industrial activity is a resource for another. This two-part documentary showcases a diversity of communities, entrepreneurs, businesses and industries across the globe that are working to our collective waste footprint in order to address the global waste crisis.”

Door prizes will be given away at the end of the movie, and brief Q&A till 8:30PM.

Run time: 98 minutes (1 hour and 38 minutes)


The Share Reuse Repair Initiative (SRRI) and Penticton and Area Cooperative Enterprises (PACE) are hosting a roundtable event to inform recommendations to the Province on how to support and grow an inclusive circular economy. The event will bring together:

  • Circular job employers (local government, First Nations, businesses, nonprofits)
  • Employment service providers seeking to find meaningful work for those they serve
  • Community organizations interested in supporting inclusive circular employment 

When: October 23rd at 3-5pm (doors open at 2:50 pm)

Where: South Okanagan Event Centre, 853 Eckhardt Ave W, Penticton, BC V2A 9C4

RSVP: by October 18th via EventBrite, limited spaces Refreshments will be provided.