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Summerland's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is rising in B.C. and all levels of government are supporting this clean-energy technology as drivers choose to go electric for affordability, lifestyle, and doing their bit for the environment.

The District of Summerland is investing in the electric future and now offers public EV charging at five locations across the community, including fast chargers (Level 3). Our chargers are conveniently located throughout the community so that EV drivers can go shopping, grab a bite to eat, or walk along the Okanagan Lake while their vehicle charges.

Summerland also permits low-speed electric vehicles on roads within the District with speed limits under 50km/hr. Click here for more information

We have all the information here to navigate Summerland's network plus answers to your questions if you're thinking of changing over to an EV. It's never been so easy to go electric!

Learn About EV Charging
EV Charging FAQs

Easy, Convenient, Affordable

Summerland has five charging station locations with a total of 25 chargers.

Summerland EV Stations Map
It‘s cheap to charge and maintain an EV and costs are lowering each year as technology advances.

In Summerland, the 2021 fees for public charging are:
$2/hour for Level 2 chargers
$18/hour for Level 3 chargers

Rebates are also available for EVs, saving on the cost of purchasing a clean technology vehicle. Click here for more details on what rebates are available

Using Summerland’s chargers is easy. Watch the video below for more information:

To find out more about EV charging, check out our Learn about EV Charging page.

You can also view Summerland's EV Chargers - What You Need to Know brochure. Printed copies are available at Municipal Hall.

EVs are for everyone

Thinking of purchasing an EV? Check out these stories of Summerland residents who make the switch and love it:

Sarah lives in Summerland with her partner and children. They bought an EV and utilized grants and the SCRAP-IT program (click here to learn about rebates currently available). They enjoy having an EV as a family car and have found it hasn't required any changes to their lifestyle.

Click here for Natalie’s story – Natalie, a Summerland business-owner, purchased a hybrid EV and saved 95% on gas in the first 6 months.

Click here for David’s story – David and his wife Linnea went fully electric for their EV and use it for everything from daily commuting to long trips out of province.

Click here for Grant’s story – Grant’s family got a bargain through the used EV market and have become passionate EV drivers who love to share what makes EV driving great.

Want More Information?

Check out our brochure Why Go Electric? All the Reasons to Drive an EV in Summerland. Printed copies are available at Municipal Hall.

To learn more about EVs and rebates available to you, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Plug In BC provides information and support around plug-in vehicles and charging throughout British Columbia.

Please contact the Sustainability / Alternative Energy Coordinator at 250-404-4068 or with any questions or feedback on EV charging in Summerland.