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All Signs Must Comply with the Sign By-law

Keeping the District of Summerland clean and litter free of unwanted signage and advertising is always a concern to our residents. To ensure that unwanted signs are not posted everywhere, Council enacted a Sign By-law to regulate the types of signs permitted.

A permit is required for the installation of new signage.

Sign By-law 2013-026, regulates the types of signs posted throughout the city. This includes the following:

Examples of Regulations:

  • Permit applications
  • Location of signs
  • Zoning category and duration
  • Penalties for contraventions signage
  • Size of the signage - area, height, setbacks

Examples of Signs

  • Sandwich board signs
  • Window
  • Changeable copy
  • New development or Construction
  • Inflatable and portable

Sign Bylaw No. 2013-026

Signage Permit Application