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Climate Action

Summerland's Community Energy & Emissions Reduction Plan was finalized in February 2020 following consultation with key stakeholders, staff, community members, Council, and Simon Fraser University's Adaptation to Climate Change Team. Thank you to all who participated, and to the Community Energy Association for their assistance in developing the plan.

Summerland is committed to climate action and has signed on to the BC Climate Action Charter. Summerland created its first Climate Action Plan in March of 2011, employs a full-time staff person dedicated to advancing climate action initiatives, and dedicates 0.001% of annual operating expenses to greenhouse gas emissions reductions projects. 

Climate Action Recognition Program

MCSPB-EnviroLevel-Clings-Aug2019-CL_LEVEL 3The District of Summerland has been awarded Level 3 recognition by the Green Communities Committee (GCC) Climate Action Recognition Program for undertaking significant climate action to reduce GHG emissions in the 2018 reporting year.

The Green Communities Committee (GCC) Climate Action Recognition Program was launched in 2012 to provide the GCC with an opportunity to review and publicly recognize the progress and achievements of each Climate Action Charter signatory.

Under the Program, Charter signatories who demonstrate progress on their Charter commitments are eligible to qualify for one of four levels of recognition:

Level 1:  Demonstrating Progress on Charter Commitments

All local governments that demonstrate progress on fulfilling one or more of their Charter commitments will receive a letter from the GCC acknowledging their accomplishments.

Level 2: Measuring GHG Emissions

Local governments that achieve level 1, have completed a corporate carbon inventory for the reporting year and demonstrate that they are familiar with the Community Energy and Emissions Inventory for their community will receive a letter from the GCC acknowledging their accomplishments and a ‘Climate Action Community 2018’ logo, for use on websites, letter head and similar.

Level 3: Accelerating Progress on Charter Commitments

Local governments that achieve levels 1 and 2 and demonstrate significant climate action (corporately or community wide) to reduce GHG emissions in the reporting year will receive a ‘Climate Action Community – Accelerating Progress 2018’ logo, for use on websites, letter head and similar.

Level 4: Achievement of Carbon Neutrality

Local governments that achieve carbon neutrality in the reporting year will receive a letter from the GCC acknowledging their accomplishments and a ‘Climate Action Community – Carbon Neutral 2018’ logo, for use on websites, letter head and similar.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP)

Climate action is a key provincial priority and local governments are key partners in helping to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and create complete, compact and energy-efficient communities.

The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) is a conditional grant program that provides funding to BC Climate Action Charter (Charter) signatories equivalent to one hundred percent of the carbon taxes they pay directly. This funding supports local governments in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move forward on achieving their Charter goals.

2019 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Survey
2018 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2017 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2016 Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARIP) Public Report
2015 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
CARIP Public Reporting - Carbon Neutral Progress Survey 2014 (502 KB)

Solar Energy in Summerland

As one of only a few municipalities in British Columbia to own an electric utility, Summerland is uniquely positioned to be able to generate power within the District. Solar energy has become a leading source of power across the globe, and Summerland is exploring how solar energy can best be utilized by our electrical utility, and how we can best support our community to take advantage of this source of energy.

In 2018, The District of Summerland partnered with the Solar Now organization to install solar arrays on the Arts & Cultural Centre and Municipal Hall. Thanks to generous matching funding from the North Growth Foundation, these buildings will have a combined total of over 22 kW of solar arrays, producing almost 30,000 kWh of power each year. 

To see how much energy is being produced by the panels in real time, click the links below:
Arts & Cultural Centre: Click Here
Municipal Hall: Click Here

The District is also pursuing a large-scale solar array with battery storage, has modernized our Distributed Generation Resources Interconnection Program (sometimes called "net-metering"), and providing residents and businesses with tools on energy efficiency to maximize their investment in renewable energy. For more information about Summerland's Integrated Solar Project, click here and for more information about Summerland's Distributed Generation (net-metering) Program click here.

Please contact or call 250-404-4068 for more information about solar energy in Summerland, or to be added to the solar energy contact list.

Billion Dollar Green Challenge

The District of Summerland has become the first Canadian governmental body to join the “Billion Dollar Green Challenge Network”. The Challenge encourages governmental agencies, universities, and other institutions across North America to invest a combined total of one billion dollars in self-managed “green revolving funds” that finance energy and resource efficiency improvements. Read more.

Blue Dot Movement Declaration

The District of Summerland has joined with over 158 municipal governments across Canada in endorsing the David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot Movement Declaration. This declaration recognizes the right to a healthy environment, and affirms the District’s commitment to decision making that considers potential impacts to human health and to the environment. Council Declaration Blue Dot Movement to read the full declaration.

Climate Action Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding climate action related items in Summerland, please click here.

If you have other questions you would like answered, please contact us at 250-404-4068 or

Energy Efficiency for Your Home or Business

Interested in home energy upgrades? The BC Home Energy Coach program provides easy to navigate self-serve website tools, including home energy incentives and rebates search tool, resources to learn about energy efficiency products and services and a regularly updated frequently asked questions series. Knowledgeable program staff are available by phone or email to answer consumer questions at all stages of their home energy improvement project.  Contact BC Home Energy Coach at 1.844.881.9790 or visit

Looking for ways to make your business more energy efficient? Check out for ideas on improvements you can make to help you save on energy costs, what rebates are available, and businesses who’ve won awards for their efficiency projects.

All Summerland utility customers qualify for rebates offered by FortisBC

Solar Energy & Energy Efficiency Workshop

On November 21, 2018, The District of Summerland hosted a free hands-on Solar Energy & Energy Conservation Workshop with industry experts covering:

• Easy and low-cost ways to make your home more comfortable and start saving energy immediately
• How to decide if a solar energy system is cost-effective for your home
• Where to get rebates and free advice for energy improvements

Almost 90 residents attended the workshop. Copies of the presentation slides are below:

Workshop Opening & Context Setting
Staff and members of the Community Climate Action Advisory Committee opened the meeting and provided information about the importance of energy efficiency. 
Solar & Energy Efficiency Workshop Nov 21 (Opening)

Draftproofing Demonstration
Certified Energy Advisors, Total Home Solutions, explained where common sources of air leakage are in a home and how homeowners could seal the leaks themselves using easy-to-do techniques. They also provided a step-by-step guide to eliminating drafts in a home (linked below), and allowed participants the opportunity to try out some of the techniques themselves.
Solar & Energy Efficiency Workshop Nov 21 (THS)

Energy Conservation and Efficiency & Energy Solutions
Representatives from FortisBC shared information about the programs and services available to Summerland's residents and businesses. 
Solar & Energy Efficiency Workshop Nov 21 (FortisBC)

Considerations Regarding Solar for Your Home
The Community Energy Association provided information for homeowners considering installing a solar energy device on their property.
Solar & Energy Efficiency Workshop Nov 21 (CEA)

Waste Reduction Week

For information about activities in Summerland related to Waste Reduction week, click here.

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