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Summerland Skatepark 


The Official Grand Opening of the Summerland Skatepark took place Saturday, June 22nd 2019.

Summerland celebrated the opening of the 10,000 square foot Skatepark with state of the art street features and bowl.  The Summerland Skatepark is situated on the corner of Jubilee Road and Rosedale Avenue – on the north east corner of the Summerland Secondary School field. 

The completion of the $600,000 Skatepark was a joint project between the District of Summerland, The Penny Lane Charity Society, School District 67, the Federal Gas Tax Community Works Fund and community contributions.

“This is a fine example of what can be accomplished when community partners work together,” said Mayor Toni Boot. “I thank previous Councils for their foresight, especially former Mayor Waterman’s Council for committing the gas tax funding to this community project.”

The Summerland Skatepark has become a tourist destination and an exciting new facility for the community and youth of Summerland.

Skatepark 2019 Dignitaries1


The top six benefits of building a skatepark, according to Spohn Ranch Skateparks, a Los Angeles-based skatepark design and construction firm:

 1. Skateparks reduce illicit behaviour.

2. Skateparks provide a safe environment for skateboarding (as well as scooters and bmx bikes)

3. Skateparks reduce damage to private property

4. Skateboarding has significant physical health benefits

5. Skateboarding has significant mental health benefits

6. Skateparks have a positive economic impact

Source: Spohn Ranch Skateparks