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Summerland Skatepark 

Grand Opening:


Construction Update:

New Line Skateparks have closed up construction of the Summerland Skatepark for the winter.  What a great job they have done!  They will be back in the spring to put the final touches on sealing the expansion joints.  Once the weather starts warming, the District of Summerland will complete the park with landscaping.  We look forward to opening the skatepark to the public this spring.


Construction began the end of August by Newline Skatepark Inc.
Groundbreaking Skatepark 2018
Left to right: School Trustees Ginny Manning and Julie Planiden, Councillors Toni Boot and Janet Peake, School Trustee Linda Van Alphen, Councillor Erin Trainer (future skate park user Woods Thompson), Skatepark Committee chair Erick Thompson, Mayor Peter Waterman, Superintendent of Schools Wendy Hyer, and Pennylane Charity Shop Society rep Bruce Hollquist.

Skatepark Hats: Available at the Summerland Aquatic Centre

Skatepark Shirts: Available at the Summerland Aquatic Centre (limited sizes available)


Skatepark Updates 2017


The final design for Summerland’s Skatepark is now complete. Many thanks to the community members who provided input on the design. Work on the final drawings and budgeting for the next step of tendering the construction is underway. The new skatepark will be located on the southwest corner of Rosedale Avenue and Jubilee Road West, just east of Summerland Middle School.

Concept Model:


Community support will help make this plan a reality. Donations are welcome for this awesome project – the sooner the funds are raised, the sooner the skatepark will be built. Donations can be made at Municipal Hall and tax receipts will be issued. For more information, please contact Brenda Ingram at 250-404-4084 or email

Donations can also be made securely online via PayPal. If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your online donation, please include your name and email address on the form so that we can contact you.

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Thank you to our generous contributors to date:

  • Penny Lane Society - $135,000
  • Roy Bain - $1,000
  • Richard Barkwill - $500
  • Anonymous - $220 
  • Jeff Thorne - $420
  • Brian & Dianne Chadwick - $200
  • Henri Frioud - $200
  • Frank Kappel - $250
  • Brad Hughes - $1000
  • Robert Fisher - $1500
  • Smyth Tool Sales - $100
  • Kelso Entertainment - $1474
  • Heather Pascada - $1728
  • Dave Smith - $360.00
  • Sherrie Scoot - $80.00
  • T-Shirts & Hat Sales - $2406


The construction for the skatepark could begin in summer/fall 2018 if fund raising goals (approximately $600,000) are achieved. Our community has contributed over $147,000 to date!


The top six benefits of building a skatepark, according to Spohn Ranch Skateparks, a Los Angeles-based skatepark design and construction firm:

 1. Skateparks reduce illicit behaviour.

2. Skateparks provide a safe environment for skateboarding (as well as scooters and bmx bikes)

3. Skateparks reduce damage to private property

4. Skateboarding has significant physical health benefits

5. Skateboarding has significant mental health benefits

6. Skateparks have a positive economic impact

Source: Spohn Ranch Skateparks