City Services


The Utilities Department is responsible for providing safe drinking water in sufficient quantities to meet the daily requirements of the citizens of Summerland.  With the Summerland Water System, 11 storage reservoirs, 13 pump stations, 15 pressure reducing stations, approximately 200 kilometres of water mains, and a treatment plant, staff need to follow strict operating procedures to ensure nothing is missed. The operation and maintenance duties are jointly shared by the Water Division and the Works Division as follows:

Water Division

  • Weekly site surveillance annual inspections, and continuous level regulations at dams
  • Stream flow measurements
  • Fish flow releases in Trout and Aeneas Creeks
  • Water storage releases
  • Snow course readings
  • Pump stations
  • Pressure reducing valve stations
  • Water treatment plant
  • Chlorination
  • Water testing
  • Residual handling ponds

Works Division

  • Water main flushing
  • Operation of valves
  • Air release valve maintenance
  • Water main repairs
  • Service installations and repairs
  • Thickening and drying beds

To contact the Utilities Department:

Phone: 250-494-0431 
Fax:     250-494-3399
Email:  works&
After hours emergency:  250-493-0005