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Zoning Bylaw No. 2000-450 Schedule A - Consolidated to June 11, 2024


If you have a concern in regards to a bylaw infraction occurring within the District of Summerland, please complete the Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form - Fillable pdf and return it to:

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Fax: 250-494-1415

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Frequently Used Bylaws

Advisory Planning Commission 94-002 - Consolidated to July 19, 2021
Animal and Pound Regulation Bylaw No. 93-028
Building Numbering Bylaw No. 2438
Building Bylaw No. 2022-002
Business Licencing Bylaw No.95-004 - Consolidated to February 28, 2022
Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No.2000-375 - Consolidated to June 11, 2024
Campfire Regulations
Cemetery Bylaw No. 2012-016
Council Procedure Bylaw No. 2018-035 - Consolidated to July 2, 2024
Development Application Procedures Bylaw No.2020-026 Consolidated to April 9, 2024
Development Cost Charges Bylaw 2000-194 - Consolidated to December 14, 2015
Driveway Access Bylaw No. 92-047 - Consolidated to June 11, 2024
Earthwork Control Bylaw No. 2000-290 (Soil Bylaw)
Election and Assent Voting Bylaw No. 2018-017 Consolidated to May 24, 2022
Electric Powered Vehicle Authorization Bylaw No. 2013-007
Electric Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 2255, 1986 consolidated to March 13, 2023
False Alarm Bylaw No. 2014-004
Fees and Charges No. 98-001 Consolidated to July 2, 2024
Financial Plan (2024-2028) Bylaw_Consolidated to July 23, 2024
Fire and Life Safety Bylaw No. 2421
Fire Limit Area Bylaw No. 2000-114
Firearms Bylaw No. 96-048
Freedom of Information - Consolidated to June 27, 2016
General Fund Asset Management Reserve Fund Bylaw No. 2014-031
Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 2021-023
Green Revolving Fund Policy Bylaw No. 200.9
Indemnification of Municipal Officials Bylaw No. 2013-021
Inter-Community Mobile Business License Bylaw No. 2000-307
MTI System Bylaw 95-030 - Consolidated to June 11, 2024
Official Community Plan
Outdoor Smoking Regulation Bylaw No. 2015-020
Parcel Tax Bylaw 2018-006 (Mountain Growers)
Parcel Tax (Hunter's Hill)
Parks Regulation Bylaw No. 2022-012
Permissive Tax Exemption Places of Worship 2017 Bylaw No. 2016-038 - Consolidated to October 11, 2022
2021-036 Permissive Tax Exemption (2022-2025 NPO) Bylaw - Consolidated to October 17, 2023
Responsible Dog Owner Bylaw No. 2017-024
Sanitary Sewer System Regulation Bylaw 98-002
Sewer Parcel Tax Bylaw
Sign Bylaw No. 2022-026 Consolidated to April 11, 2022
Solid Waste Management Bylaw No. 2018-018 - Consolidated to February 27, 2024
Street Name Changing Bylaw 1655 - Consolidated to 2016-12-12
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw No. 2022-042 - Consolidated to June 11, 2024
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw 99-004 - Consolidated to October 10, 2017
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw Appendix "C" - Sidewalk Plan
Summerland Research Station Agriculture Canada Fire Protection Bylaw No. 90-073
Tax Rates (2024) Bylaw No. 2024-024
Traffic and Use of Highways
Water Utilities and Water Rates Bylaw No.2014-019 - Consolidated to December 21, 2023
Water Parcel Tax Bylaw 2000-234
Zoning Bylaw No. 2000-450 Schedule A - Consolidated to July 2, 2024
All other bylaws can be obtained by contacting our office at 250-494-6451.

The bylaws listed above are the most frequently requested bylaws that apply within the District of Summerland; they are provided online for convenience and information only. While every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, online bylaws are not official versions of the bylaws and may not contain the latest amendments. 

Official, up-to-date copies of bylaws may be obtained from Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue, Summerland, BC. Telephone: 250-494-6451.

The District of Summerland will in no event be held liable or responsible to any person for damages, costs, or expenses of any kind resulting from the use of, or reliance upon, online copies of bylaws.