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Want to Create a New Lot or Consolidate Multiple Lots?

The Subdivision and Development Servicing bylaw governs subdivisions within the District of Summerland. 

All applications for subdivision must be approved by the Approving Officer for the District of Summerland.  Approval by the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Environment may also be required.  Applications are processed by the Development Services Department with the involvement of other Municipal Departments, Provincial Ministries and outside agencies, as necessary.

Subdivisions are technically complex and involve a myriad of provincial and municipal legislation.  Applicants should discuss their proposals with the Development Services Department and consult a registered British Columbia Land Surveyor (BCLS) and lawyer or notary public prior to applying.

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Subdivision Application

Strata Subdivision Application

The Subdivision & Servicing Bylaw 99-004 has been consolidated for convenience purposes only.  Please contact the Engineering Department for a complete list of supplementary standard drawings.