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Council Meetings

2024 Regular Council Meeting Schedule - Revised

Regular Meetings of Council will be held on a three-week rotational schedule with meetings continuing to be held on Tuesdays, unless otherwise indicated in the 2024 Council Meeting Calendar - Revised. Unless otherwise posted, all meetings take place in the Council Chambers at Municipal Hall, located at 13211 Henry Ave. All meetings are open to the public unless the Community Charter requires a meeting to be closed. Should you wish to attend Council Chambers in-person, advance registration is encouraged by contacting  Alternatively, electronic access to the meeting can be granted for those that wish to participate electronically.  To receive the electronic meeting details, please email For those interested in viewing the meeting, but not seeking to actively participate, you may live stream the meetings via the District of Summerland’s YouTube channel.

You can view agendas and minutes, the schedule of meetings, and watch Council meetings all from one place. Visit the portal now.

Regular Council meetings commence at 1:00 PM (afternoon) and 6:00 PM (evening). Agendas are posted by 4:00 PM Wednesday, the week prior to the Regular Meeting.

Council Chambers Rules of Decorum:

During a meeting, a person in the public:

(a) must refrain from disorderly or boisterous conduct, including but not limited to making loud noises, clapping, shouting, booing, hissing, whistling, or any other activity that disturbs, disrupts, or impedes the meeting,

(b) must refrain from displaying signs, placards, banners or other symbolic objects,

(c) must turn cell phones, or any other mobile device, to silent or vibrate,

(d) must remain seated unless approaching the podium, or designated area, or to enter or leave the meeting,

(i) if a person is leaving while the meeting is in progress, they must do so in a quiet and orderly manner,

(e) must refrain from entering the formal Council and staff area at any time, while in session or not, without prior consent from the Chair,

(f) must refrain from speaking out from the gallery without first being recognized by the Chair and when recognized, address the Chair and not any other member of the public, staff, Council or Committee unless in response to a question from that Member,

(g) must refrain from making threatening, profane, abusive, personal, slanderous, impertinent, or unduly repetitious comments; and

(h) must refer to members of Council by their official title of “Mayor” or “Councillor” to respect to the democratic process.

Where rules on decorum are not followed by an individual, the Chair has the primary responsibility for maintaining order and uniformly enforcing the Rules of Decorum. Where the Rules of Decorum are not followed by an individual, it is within the authority of the Chair to ask that individual to leave the meeting.

To view past meetings you can use the following links:
From February 27, 2014 to April 24, 2020 on our Vimeo Channel
From April 27, 2020 to present on our YouTube Channel

All meetings are subject to cancellation if there are no business items.