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Official Community Plan

Urban Growth Strategy Review 

The District of Summerland has completed the process of reviewing the Urban Growth Strategy. For more information click on the Community Planning tab to the left of this screen. 

What is the Official Community Plan (OCP)?

The Summerland Official Community Plan is a document that guides the District’s decisions concerning planning and land use management in accordance with Chapter 323, Section 875 (1) of the Local Government Act. Specifically, the OCP provides:

  • A clear vision for Summerland’s future growth with supporting goals, objectives and policies;
  • A direction aligned with current community values and development patterns, and
  • The anticipation of infrastructure capacity and future needs.

The OCP also recognizes existing conditions and trends, notably the importance of the natural environment, regional and community growth management, and the preservation and enhancement of Summerland’s social character and sense of place. 

2014 OCP - Schedule A Consolidated to April 9, 2024

Schedule B Urban Growth

Schedule C Land Use

Schedule D ALR Map

Schedule E Watercourse Development Permit Areas

Schedule F Transportation Network

Schedule G Infrastructure Systems

Schedule H-1 Hazardous Area 1

Schedule I Heritage Site

Schedule J April 2016

Schedule K-1 Downtown

Schedule K-2 Downtown Enhancements

Schedule K-3 Downtown Development Permit Area

Schedule L-1 Lower Town

Schedule L2 Lower Town Strategic Plan

Schedule L3 Lower Town Future Development Areas

Schedule M Trout Creek Development Area

Schedule N Wildfire Hazard Areas 1

Schedule O Design Guidelines

Schedule P Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit Areas ESDPA

Schedule Q Bentley Road Industrial Development Permit Area

Summerland's Agricultural Plan 2000-342