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Development Process Improvement Advisory Committee

The Development Process Improvement Advisory Committee is a 13-member committee comprised of citizen representatives, two Council members, the Director of Development Services and the Chief Administrative Officer. The mandate of the Committee is to provide advice and assistance to Council and staff when the Development Services Department updates bylaws, processes and procedures as they relate to planning, development, and construction in the community. The Committee meets on a regular basis to review items from the Development Services Department’s annual work plan, or as additions are incorporated to the work plan as recommended by Council, staff, or the Committee itself. Any recommendations from the Committee are communicated to Council by way of staff reports.   

Terms of Reference - Development Process Improvement Committee

2020-02-05 DPIAC AGENDA (92KB PDF)
2020-05-06 DPIAC AGENDA (109KB PDF)
2020-06-10 DPIAC AGENDA (109KB PDF)
2020-07-08 DPIAC AGENDA (95KB PDF)
2020-09-09 DPIAC AGENDA (97KB PDF)

2020-02-05 DPIAC MINUTES (111KB PDF)
2020-05-06 DPIAC MINUTES (108KB PDF)
2020-06-10 DPIAC MINUTES (108KB PDF)