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                              Council 2018-2022

Summerland Council 2018 - 2022
Mayor: Toni Boot (middle)
Councillors: (left to right) Doug Holmes, Doug Patan, Erin Trainer, Erin Carlson, Richard Barkwill and Marty Van Alphen.

The District of Summerland is governed by an elected Council comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors. The Local Government Act and Community Charter give Council the authority to establish policies to guide the growth, development and operation of the District and to levy taxes to provide services.


To send an email to all of Council, email One letter addressed to Council members can be mailed or dropped of to the Administration Dept. at Municipal Hall for distribution. Correspondence received by Council may form part of an agenda if it is the opinion of the Corporate Officer the information is suitable for public distribution or if the writer specifically requests inclusion on a public agenda and is approved. The Corporate Officer reserves the right to withhold any correspondence from the agenda, any item that may be considered inappropriate or offensive in nature.
Please ensure that any information that may be personal in nature is removed from written material submitted (name and address is required) in case it becomes part of the public Council agenda package.
Privacy note: Be advised that Council and Committee meeting agendas, minutes and all information presented at an open meeting are public documents and are published on the District of Summerland website.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Corporate Officer by email at or by phone at 250-404-4046.
You may also contact individual members of Council by emailing them directly.

Mayor Toni Boot 
Councillor Erin Trainer
Councillor Doug Patan
Councillor Richard Barkwill
Councillor Marty Van Alphen
Councillor Erin Carlson
Councillor Doug Holmes

Meeting with the Mayor or Members of Council and Invites

If you wish to make an appointment to meet with the Mayor please contact the Administration Office at 250-404-4042 or via email at The Administrative Assistant will set up an appointment at an appropriate time. Please forward invitations to any events to

Individual members can be contacted via letter addressed to the Administration Office, Municipal Hall, or via their respective email addresses above or by emailing their assistant

Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are scheduled on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm. Committee of the Whole meetings commence (as needed) at 8:30 am and are also on the second and fourth Monday of the month. The meetings are open to the public and are held in Council Chambers located on the upper floor of the Municipal Hall at 13211 Henry Avenue. This schedule may vary during holiday periods and therefore it is advisable to check with the Administration Department or the calendar to confirm the date for a meeting you may wish to attend. The Agendas and Minutes of Council current and previous Council meetings and public hearings can be found on our Agendas and Minutes Portal.

Shaw Cable will broadcast recorded Regular Council meetings on channel 10 at 11:00 am the Wednesday and Friday after each Council meeting. Meetings can also be viewed online the day after each meeting.

Appearing Before Council as a Delegation

Any individual or group wishing to make a public presentation to Council must submit a Delegation Application Form. Application forms can be submitted to: Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue, Box 159, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0, or emailed to:

The Manager of Legislative Services will contact you to confirm the date and time of the meeting at which you have been scheduled to appear. Any materials you want included in the agenda package must be received electronically by 12:00 noon on the Wednesday, prior to the Council meeting you are scheduled to appear.  In consideration of the environment, providing Council with paper handouts is discouraged.

On your scheduled meeting date, you are asked to sit in the audience in the Council Chamber until you are called forward at the appropriate time by the Mayor. When speaking to the Mayor, refer to him/her as “Mayor _______" (the person's surname).

Presentations should be short and concise and generally limited to five minutes. If you are planning on using a PowerPoint Presentation please read these helpful guidelines. (110KB PDF).

Delegation Application Fillable Form - PDF

Delegation PowerPoint Presentations

Making a submission to Council at a Public Hearing

If you wish to comment on a matter that is the subject of a public hearing (for example, a rezoning or Official Community Plan Amendment), you are encouraged to appear before Council and personally present your information. After the introduction of the applicable bylaw and a presentation by the applicant, the Mayor will ask for comments from the public. If you raise your hand when the Mayor asks, you will be invited to come forward and address Council. Please make sure you speak into the microphone at the lectern, and start by giving your name and address for the record. If possible, please limit your remarks to five minutes.

If you are unable to attend the Council meeting in person you are welcome to make a submission by mail via the Administration Office, Municipal Hall, Box 159, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0. In your correspondence, please clearly indicate the address of the property you are writing about. Correspondence received between the time the public hearing is advertised in the local paper, and the date of the hearing, is copied and circulated to Council with their agenda package and becomes public information. When an issue is of concern to a neighbourhood, people of either side of the issue may send a petition to Council, but the best way to make you views known is to attend the hearing in person or to send personal written correspondence.

District of Summerland 2015 - 2019 Strategic Plan

The District of Summerland 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is now available.