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2018 General Local Elections

General local elections were held October 20, 2018.

District of Summerland voters chose one mayor and six councillors for a term of four years. Voters also chose two school trustees for School District No. 67 (Area 2)


Click here to view the Official 2018 General Local Election Results.

Young Voters 2018 Election Results

View the Young Voters 2018 Election Results.

This was a just-for-fun learning opportunity for children who attended the voting places with their parents or guardians.

Declarations and Notices

Important Dates

March 13 Last day to meet 6-month BC residency requirement for candidates submitting nomination documents on Sept 14.
April 19 Last day to meet 6-month BC residency requirement for registering on general voting day (Oct 20)
July 27 Candidate packages available at Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Ave, Summerland, BC [view map]
August 21 Candidate Information Session - 6:30 PM at Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Ave.
September 4 Start of Nomination Period (9:00 AM)
September 11 Recruitment of Election Officials begins
September 14 End of Nomination Period (4:00 PM); and
Declaration of candidates (4:00 PM).
September 19 Last day to meet 30-day jurisdiction residency / property ownership requirement for registering
on general voting day (Oct 20)
September 21 Deadline for withdrawal of candidates (4:00 PM); and
End of Election Period (12:00 midnight).
September 22 Start of Campaign Period
September 24 Declaration of election by voting or acclamation (4:00 PM)
September 28 Deadline for applying to work as an Election Official
October 3 All candidates forum.
October 4 All candidates forum.
October 5 Election Officials training session and pick up of supplies
October 10 ADVANCE VOTING OPPORTUNITY  (8:00 AM - 8:00 PM)
October 20 GENERAL VOTING OPPORTUNITY (8:00 AM - 8:00 PM);
End of Campaign Period (8:00 PM); and
Announcement of preliminary results.

October 22 - 24 Determination and declaration of official results (4:00 PM deadline on Oct 24)
November 5 Inaugural Meeting of elected municipal council