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Spring/Summer 2024

Additional Summer Programing

Summer Camps (21)
Summer Camps (22)

Brochure Information

 Although every effort is made to ensure the contents of this brochure are correct, periodically misprints do occur or circumstances change. The Summerland Recreation Department reserves the right to make changes as required.

Why Good Courses Get Canceled

Nothing ends a good course faster than everyone leaving it to the last minute to register. There is a point when the program staff checks (usually one week prior to start date) the class registration. If there are not enough people registered, the class has to be canceled. So, please register early!

Class Size

Safety, quality and cost are the prime considerations when determining class size.


Programs will NOT be held on statutory holidays unless indicated otherwise.

Picture This!

We often take photos of special events and recreation programs. Sometimes we display them, use them on our website or put them in our brochure. If you have any objections to a picture of you or your child being printed, please let us know.


The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel programs. This will only be done when circumstances deem it necessary. Every effort will be made to notify participants if this should happen. If you must cancel out of a class a pro-rated refund can be provided for the remaining classes. A doctors note will be required to accommodate refund requests for past classes. 

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about our programs and facilities, please do not hesitate to ask. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you. Stop into our facilities or call 250-494-0447.

Advertise with us!!

See below for more infomation, all dates are flexible. If you missed a deadline please email Amanda Dean at for an extension. 

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