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2023 Utility Rate Increase FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

2023 Utility Rate Increase Facts Sheet

Utility Rebate Doubles

At its regular afternoon meeting on December 12, Summerland Council resolved to match the Province’s one-time $100 electrical utility credit, meaning that all Summerland residential account holders will see a rebate of $200 on their electricity bills sometime in the first quarter of 2023. 

Residential account holders will receive the District of Summerland’s one-time credit of $100 at the same time they receive the Province’s $100 credit. Both credits will be automatically applied to your utility bill and there’s no action you need to take.

For more information, please visit

2023 Utility Rates Information

Summerland Council has completed its 2023 utility budget deliberations.  Skyrocketing costs, material shortages and increasing interest rates have significantly impacted these budgets and created revenue deficits. In order to balance budgets, the District is ending the 10% early payment discount and is moving to a penalty-based system for all Utility Accounts.  This change will come into effect with the January 2023 utility invoices, which will be mailed out in the first ten days of February. For more information, click here.

2022 Utility Rates Information

To review Electric Rates and Fees please refer to Fees and charges 2022.  For the Water Bylaw please click on 2022 Water Utilities Bylaw.

The Corporation supplies Electricity, Water and Sewer Services to the residents. Depending upon your property location, your utility bill could reflect any combination of water, sewer, garbage and electrical services. Utility bills are mailed out the first week of every month and are due the third last business day of every month (unless otherwise stated).

Online Utility Account Inquiry

Information regarding your Utility Account can be accessed at Online Services.

E-Bill Service

After receiving your first paper bill by mail, you may opt to set up for the E-Bill Service.  To register to receive your utility invoice by E-Bill please click onto the Online Services (above) and Link & Register. You will require your Utility Account number as well as your Access Code number located on the middle right hand side of your Utility Bill.    After entering these account and access code number tick the "notify by email" as well as "attach a PDF copy".  To receive the monthly District Newsletter by email, please send a request to This Newsletter contains important information for Summerland residences including public notices, press releases and water advisories.  

When registering for E-Bill Service, the District will set aside every month an amount equal to the postage fee to a tree purchasing fund. The money accumulated in this fund is used to replace or add new trees in our parks and around town. 

New Accounts/ Moving

Something in writing  is required for new account sign up or if you are moving out. You can sign in/out for utility services at Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue, or fax us at 250-494-1415, email or send the information by mail to Box 159, Summerland BC  V0H 1Z0. Please include your name, phone number, the address of the service, the date service is to commence/end, and mailing, contact information. You can also use this form to send the information.

Account Inquiries

Please call 250-404-4047 or email

Paying Your Bill

Residents will note that the loss of discount on their utility bills came into effect for the January 2023 invoices. These invoices will be mailed out in February, with a due date of February 24, 2023.

To pay your utility bill, you can:

  • Enroll in our Pre-Authorization Form for monthly automatic withdrawals. Bank Account changes or Cancellation of Pre-Authorized Payments can be done by E-mail to the Utility Department, or in person at the District of Summerland.
  • Pay by phone or internet by setting District of Summerland up as a PAYEE. Contact your financial institution if you are unable set up, as all banking institutions have us set up differently. 
  • Mail cheque or money order to District of Summerland, PO Box 159, Summerland BC  V0H 1Z0. Please allow enough time for the payment to reach Municipal Hall before the due date.
  • Pay in person at Municipal Hall, 13211 Henry Avenue, Summerland, between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Cash, Cheques, and Interac and
  • Credit Cards on a User Pay basis through  .  click here PAY BY CREDIT CARD
  • Pay after-hours using the secure Drop Box located at the front of Municipal Hall.