City Services

Summerland Transit

Scheduled Bus Service

Since October 2013, Summerland has a scheduled bus service everyone can use to get around in Summerland, and to Penticton and back. Bus stops are marked with a sign and a red curb. Schedules and tickets are available at Municipal Hall.

Effective July 1, 2017 there will be a .25 increase in rates for bus trips within Summerland (handyDART now called On Request).  A pass will increase from $2.00 to $2.25 per trip.  Books of 10 can be purchased for $20.25. Tickets already purchased at the lower rate will be honoured until January 1, 2018.  Regional bus fares will remain unchanged at $4.00 per trip or 10 for $36.00.  

View the Bus Schedule (328KB PDF).
Bus Fares

For more information, please call Municipal Hall at 250-494-6451 or visit the BC Transit website.

On Request (HandyDart System)

Summerland On Requst (HandyDart system) does door-to-door service for medical and specialist appointments for seniors and those with permanent disabilities who are unable to ride the regular bus system. It operates on a space availability basis. These trips could include blood work, physio, doctor, dentist, x-rays etc. There is service within Summerland ($4.00 return) and also a service to Penticton ($8.00 return). Seating is limited and must be booked in advance by calling 1-844-442-2212 and leave a message for them to return your call if there is no answer. Tickets are sold by the bus driver and at Municipal Hall.

Taxi Saver Coupons - handyPASS

The Taxi Saver program allows seniors and people with permanent disabilities greater convenience to travel throughout Summerland region. The Taxi Saver Program provides a 50% subsidy towards the cost of taxi rides with Summerland Taxi. Eligible individuals can purchase an $80 package of Taxi Saver coupons at a cost of $40. The package can be purchased once every month and cannot exceed 12 in a year. The coupons come in denominations of $1, $2 and $5. The Taxi Saver client uses the coupons to pay the dollar meter rate of taxi fare. Please note, change is not given from coupons. A handyPASS application must be completed at Municipal Hall and approved applications can purchase tickets from the Cashier right away.


You are eligible for a HandyPass if you are a senior (65 years+) or if you are over 16 years old and have a physical or mental disability (medical documentation may be required). You must then fill out the HandyPass Application (name, address, Care Card # and photo ID) to receive a HandyPass card that must be shown to the taxi driver when using the coupons.

Booking a Taxi

Call Summerland Taxi at 250-494-6651 to schedule a pick up. Please tell the dispatcher that you are booking a Taxi Saver trip, and have your HandyPASS available to show the driver.