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Agendas & Minutes

District of Summerland Facility Closures – COVID-19

The District of Summerland offers a portal for viewing the Council meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, and viewing video recordings of all open meetings, all from one place

Click here to view agendas and minutes.

All regular meetings of Council are live-streamed to the District of Summerland YouTube channel, recorded, and made available online within one day following the meeting.

Email Notifications

If you would like to receive Council meeting agendas by email, please email and confirm your request and your name.

Correspondences to Council

If you would like to submit a letter or other piece of correspondence to Council, wither delivered by hand to Municipal Hall or sent electronically, it will be circulated based on Policy No. 100.19 Circulation of Council Correspondence (153KB PDF)

Please Note: Correspondence sent to Mayor and Council may be included in a council agenda and become part of the public record.  Before sending correspondence to Mayor and Council, please read these details.

Public comment during a meeting?

Council provides a Public Comment Opportunity at the beginning of each agenda for members of the public who wish to speak to any of the items on the agenda. There is also a Public/Media Comment Period near the end of each agenda for members of the public to speak to any matter of local government interest.  

Depending on the nature of the agenda item, other opportunities to address Council may apply.  All items that provide an opportunity for the public to comment will be noted on the agenda.  

If you wish to speak electronically during a meeting of Council, please register to speak, preferably in advance, and staff with call you to link you to the meeting by phone.  Please refer to Policy No.100.20 Electronic Meetings - Public Participation (185KB PDF)