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Works & Infrastructure

The Works & Infrastructure Department is the largest department within the Corporation with up to 60 employees comprised of the Director of Works & Infrastructure, Director of Utilities, Manager of Works, Manager of Water Utilities, Manager of Environmental Services and 45 staff.  The Works & Infrastructure Department oversees road and utility construction and design, transportation and utility planning, and environmental programs.

The Works & Infrastructure administration office is located at:

9215 Cedar Avenue, Box 159
Summerland BC  V0H 1Z0


Responsibilities of the Works & Infrastructure Department include:

  • Cemeteries (maintenance, interments)
  • Climate Action
  • Drainage
  • Electrical (substations and distribution system)
  • Roads (patching, snow removal, line painting, sweeping, boulevards, brushing)
  • Solid Waste (landfill, curbside collection, recycling depot at the landfill, composting)
  • Transit (bus shelters, advertising)
  • Wastewater (treatment, collection, lift stations, sewer mains, sewer services, sani-dump)
  • Water (reservoirs, dams, flume, treatment, distribution, pump stations, pressure reducing stations, fire hydrants)

Other services provided by Works & Infrastructure Department include:

  • capital projects including sewer and water installations as well as road construction and improvement projects 
  • review and inspection of subdivisions and land development proposals ensuring the provision of appropriate infrastructure 
  • management of the drainage network, sewage collection and treatment, landfill operation
  • treatment and delivery of water services;
  • delivery of electrical services 
  • environmental reviews and education programs
  • road maintenance services including repair, cleaning, and snow removal
  • municipal buildings maintenance

More Information

To Contact the Works & Infrastructure Department:

Phone:  250-494-0431
Fax:  250-494-3399
Email:  works&

After hours emergency: 250-493-0005