International Agreements

International Agreements

Cultural Exchange

Our community has developed two distinct types of relationships with international communities. We signed a Sister City Agreement with Toyokoro Japan in 1996. Summerland signed a Friendship Agreement with Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba in 2006 and an agreement with Kahama, Tanzania in 2007.

Our Sister City Agreement

Toyokoro, Japan

Summerland has always had strong ties with Japan. Many of our first pioneers and orchardists were from Japan. The goals of our Sister City Agreement are to strengthen our ties of friendship as well as economic improvements through industry, education and culture. An important element of the Sister City agreement has been the exchange of our citizens, especially the exchange of our students.

Our Friendship City Agreements

Kahama, Tanzania

Santa Cruz Del Norte, Cuba

The goals of our Friendship Agreements are somewhat different from our Sister City Agreement. The agreement does include the goals of improved friendships and increased communication. But it does not include the exchange of citizens. It's primary focus is to provide assistance to these communities. Funding and assistance is done by outside parties not by the District of Summerland. The role of the District is solely to increase public awareness of these projects. There are no costs to the taxpayer.