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Why Worry About Illegal Dumping?
Illegal dumpsites not only cause environmental detriments, but also threaten health, safety and economic sustainability of a community. For example: 

Health & Safety Issues

  • Injury to children playing in or around dumpsites.
  • Injury to individuals in or around dumpsites.
  • Disease carried by animals and insects attracted by dumpsites.

Negative Impact on the Natural Environment

  • Contamination of streams, rivers and lakes.
  • Contamination of soil and groundwater.
  • Contamination of drinking water wells.
  • Damage to plant and wildlife habitats.

Increased risk of fire

  • Potential discarded glass igniting fires.
  • Increased fuel for fires.
  • Illegal dump fires are difficult to extinguish.
  • Illegal dump fires can release harmful fumes into the atmosphere.
Decline in Property Values as a Result of Illegal Dumping
Loss in Economic Benefits Attained Through Tourism
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Illegal Dumping on Private/Residential Lands

To punish these illicit acts, the District of Summerland has enacted two bylaws regarding the management and disposal of solid waste in our community. The legislation associated with these bylaws can be found here. These infractions are punishable by fines that are to be issued by the RCMP, or the District of Summerland's Bylaw Officer. If a citizen witnesses improper waste disposal, they are encouraged to contact RAPP at 1-877-952-7277.

Illegal Dumping on Crown Lands

All Crown Land dumping infractions are punishable through the BC Litter Act. This legislation states that any individual committing an offence of this sort can be fined up to $2,000 or six months imprisonment depending on the severity of the infringement. Furthermore, future offences will result in additional fines up to $500 dollars per day.