City Services

Residential Garbage Collection

Image result for green check markAccepted Material: 

  • Regular garbage;
  • Kitchen waste;
  • Diapers; 
  • Containers with food;
  • Broken window glass, mirrors, or ceramics (inside a bag/box for safety);
  • Animal waste (must be bagged); and 
  • Styrofoam chips or peanuts, inside a box or bag (take all other styrofoam to the Landfill Recycling Depot)

   44282196_2165161380397114_7988366746266266670_n   food (2)   broken glass (2)

Materials Not Acceptable: 

   29717275_192593461525219_8752481383118536704_n   battery   TVs

Residential Garbage Collection Details

  • Residential garbage is collected weekly on your scheduled collection day.
  • Please ensure your carts are out by 7:00am, and your carts are properly placed.
  • Place garbage material in carts. Recyclables or Yard & Garden Waste is not accepted in your garbage cart.
  • All garbage material should be contained in bags within the cart. Bags outside garbage carts will not be collected.
  • Avoid over-packing your cart as tightly packed garbage carts may not empty in collection trucks when tipped. You should be able to close the lid of your garbage cart without difficulty. 
  • Garbage carts are available in 120L (base size), 240L, and 360L sizes. Visit the Cart Change Out  page to learn more about changing your cart size.

What Happens if I Don't Follow the Guidelines? 

Failure to adhere to curbside garbage collection details will result in garbage carts being stickered by Waste Connections Canada and not being collected. To ensure your garbage cart is emptied, please follow the guidelines above. If you believe collection has been missed for another reason, click here to learn more.

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