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 The District of Summerland provides collection of garbage, recycling, and yard and garden waste to all residential dwellings. The curbside collection program is compulsory for all residential dwellings and you are not able to opt out.

A Residential Dwelling Consists of the Following:

 Residential Dwellings have an individual main access to and from the outdoors, which includes:

  • Detached homes;
  • Dwellings with secondary suites; 
  • Duplexes; 
  • Triplexes or four-plexes;
  • Strata-titled sites; 
  • Townhouses;
  • Manufactured homes; 
  • Mobile homes; and
  • Individually serviced units of apartments or condominiums.

Moving? Damaged Cart?

If you sell your property and move, or give up tenancy, your carts shall remain at the property. If you purchase a house and would like to change the cart sizes that exist, click here.  If your cart is damaged and requires repairs, contact Waste Connections Canada, toll free, 1-866-998-4888, or click here to learn more. 

Have a Reason for Special Consideration?

Some residents may require special considerations for using the Curbside Cart Collection program. If you would like to request a review of your cart collection location please contact the District of Summerland.

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