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The District of Summerland provides collection of garbage, recycling, and yard & garden waste to all residential dwellings. The curbside collection program is compulsory for all residential dwellings and you are not able to opt out.

A Residential Dwelling Consists of the Following:

Residential Dwellings have an individual main access to and from the outdoors, which includes:

  • Detached homes;
  • Dwellings with secondary suites; 
  • Duplexes; 
  • Triplexes or four-plexes;
  • Strata-titled sites; 
  • Townhouses;
  • Manufactured homes; 
  • Mobile homes; and
  • Individually serviced units of apartments or condominiums.

Moving? Damaged Cart?

If you sell your property and move, or give up tenancy, your carts remain with the property. If you purchase a house and would like to change the cart sizes that exist, please complete a Cart Change Out form.  If your cart is damaged and requires repairs, contact Waste Connections of Canada at 1-866-998-4888. 

Have a Reason for Special Consideration?

Some residents may require special considerations for using the Curbside Cart Collection program. If you would like to request a review of your cart collection location please contact the District of Summerland.

Municipal Hall
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Works and Infrastructure
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