Your City Hall
Jun 10, 2020

Summerland Parks & Recreation and Facility Update

The District of Summerland continues to take a slow and thoughtful approach to reopening parks and recreation spaces considering all impacts with health and safety being the top priority. Other considerations include new required protocols, community demand, available resources and financial impacts. 

Staff are focusing on reactivating outdoor spaces and opportunities:
• The Peach Orchard Beach Spray Park is targeted to open on June 19. 
• Outdoor summer recreation programs will be promoted soon. 
• Staff are working with outdoor sport and user groups to consider opportunities for the safe return of outdoor sports and park uses.  
To assist with managing overcrowding, the vehicle gates to Giant’s Head Mountain and the sports fields remain closed. 
The District has confirmed to keep the Summerland Aquatic & Fitness Centre closed until at least September. Council has directed staff to investigate the installation of outdoor fitness equipment in Memorial Park to provide outdoor fitness opportunities for the community with the Fitness Centre being closed.   Visitors are reminded to use these outdoor spaces with caution, to keep physical distance between others, to stay home if sick and to wash/sanitize hands regularly.  
The District is currently reviewing options on how Municipal Hall will re-open to the public while ensuring all health and safety requirements have been addressed, for both the public and staff. The due date for property taxes, including claiming the Home Owner Grant has been extended to September 30, 2020. Residents continue to have several ways to pay their property taxes as well as claim their Home Owner Grants as follows: 
• Drop Box: The District has a drop box located to the left of our main doors. Payments, as well as filled in Home Owner Grant’s can be dropped in the box. Staff check the box hourly.
• Mail: Payments and Home Owner Grant can be mailed to the District.
• Financial Institutions: Payments can be made directly at your financial institution. However, please note that the bank cannot accept your HOG.
• On-line: Payments can be made through on-line banking. You will need to set up the District of Summerland as a payee and use your roll number as the account number. However, please note that you will still need to claim your Home Owner Grant.
• On-line Home Owner Grants: you can claim your Home Owner Grant online by visiting the District’s website.