Your City Hall
Nov 29, 2018

Sign up to Receive Utility Bills and the Newsletter

Now is a good time to sign up to receive your Utility Bills and the District Newsletter by email.  Bills are always due the 3rd to last business day of the month (except in December the due date will be December 21) and must be paid by this date to receive the 10% discount.  Don’t miss a bill, save paper and help to replace trees in your community —sign up on to receive your bill electronically and email to receive the District Newsletter by email. The District sets aside an amount equal to the postage fee each month to a tree purchasing fund used to replace or add new trees in our parks and around town.

For convenience, you can also sign up for automatic payment from your account, pay online through your bank or at your bank, use the drop box out front of Municipal Hall or pay in person at Municipal Hall.  If you do not receive your bill in the mail, please contact the Finance Department and they can provide you with a copy and amount due.