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The Mayor's Podcast 

The Mayor’s Podcast with Summerland Mayor Doug Holmes is a monthly podcast relating to local issues and the work of the District of Summerland. Each month Mayor Holmes sits down with a municipal councillor, District staff, community member, or other people of interest to discuss a specific topic of importance to Summerland residents.

Episode 7 - September 2023: Rec Centre Referendum - Part 1
In the lead up to a referendum on a new multi-purpose recreation centre, Mayor Doug Holmes sits down with Jenny Kunka, President of Orca Swim Club, and Jean Munro, an occupational therapist and Executive Director of the RECOPE program. They discuss the state of the current Summerland Aquatic & Fitness Centre and the benefits of their programming to the community.

Episode 6 - July / August 2023: Customer Service and Staff Retention
"The District of Summerland is trialing a compressed four-day work week at Municipal Hall as a way to both improve service to the public and retain municipal staff.  Mayor Doug Holmes sits down with Graham Statt, Chief Administrative Officer for the District of Summerland, to discuss the oft misunderstood connection between customer service and staff retention."

Episode 5 - June 2023: Emergency Management
"Mayor Doug Holmes sits down with Kevin Holder, Summerland’s Deputy Fire Chief for Prevention and Emergency Management. With wildfire season upon us, they discuss various aspects of emergency management and local government’s role in responding to disasters and supporting members of the community through challenging times. They also talk about what residents can do to be prepared for an emergency."

Episode 4 - May 2023: Roads and Water Mains
Mayor Doug Holmes and Joe Mitchell, Director of Works and Infrastructure for the District of Summerland, discuss the new Integrated Roads and Water Master Plan that prioritizes the road and water capital projects to be completed over the next 20 years."

Episode 3 - April 2023: Public Transit
Mayor Doug Holmes sits down with Erin Sparks, Senior Transit Planner for BC Transit, to discuss a one-year pilot to provide free bus fare for Summerland residents. They also talk about plans to further develop public transit in Summerland, including the potential for a local bus service within the community."

Episode 2 - March 2023: Source Water Protection
"Mayor Doug Holmes sits down with Kellie Garcia, Director of Policy and Planning at the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB), to talk about protecting the Trout Creek watershed, which is the source of almost all of Summerland’s drinking water. There are many risks and a lot of competing interests in the watershed, and the challenge is to establish a common understanding that everyone shares a responsibility in protecting our source water."

Episode 1 February 2023: Council's Strategic Priorities
"Mayor Doug Holmes sits down with Deputy Mayor Erin Trainer to discuss Summerland Council’s strategic priorities for 2022 – 2026, which were adopted on Jan. 23, 2023. The long list of priorities aims to protect and enhance core infrastructure and essential services, provide good governance, provide an adaptable and affordable community, and enhance people’s quality of life."