Parks & Recreation

Staff Directory

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Administration, Bylaw, and Corporate Services

Person Position Phone
Anthony Haddad Chief Administrative Officer 250-404-4043
Marnie Manders  Manager of Human Resources  250-404-4053 
Karen Jones
Executive Assistant 250-404-4042
Jeremy Denegar
Director of Corporate Services 250-404-4046
Nicole Cressman
Manager of Legislative Services 250-404-4057
Gary Ellis
Bylaw Officer 250-404-4059
Tami Rothery
Sustainability/Alternative Energy Coordinator 250-404-4068 
Angelique Wood
Community Development Coordinator 250-404-4066
Alison Thorpe  GIS 250-404-4099 
Leah Schmidt Secretary 250-404-4040


Development Services

Person Position Phone
Corine Gain Director of Development Services 250-404-4048 
David Pady  Planning Manager 250-404-4097
Kevin Taylor  Development Planner 250-404-4058
General Inquiries
Development Services 250-494-1373



Person Position Phone
David Svetlichny
Director of Finance 250-404-4045
Renée Belyk
Manager of Financial Services 250-404-4041
Dana Silk  Manager of Procurement and Contract Administration 250-404-4030 
General Inquiries Property Taxes / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable 250-404-4055
General Inquiries Utility Billing


Fire Department

Person Position Phone
Glenn Noble
Fire Chief 250-404-4092
Rob Robinson Deputy Fire Chief 250-404-4088
George Pugh
Assistant Fire Chief
Patrick Hawkes Fire Fighter 250-404-4089
General Inquiries Fire Department 250-404-4087
Emergency Dispatch 911


Mayor & Council

Person Position Phone
Toni Boot Mayor 250-404-4042
Mayor & Councillors
Mayor & Councillors 250-404-4042
Karen Jones Mayor & Council Executive Assistant  250-404-4042


Parks & Recreation

Person Position Phone
Lori Mullin
Manager of Parks & Recreation 250-404-4084
General Inquiries
Parks & Recreation 250-494-0447



Person Position Phone
Non-emergency Reception 250-494-7416
Emergency Dispatch 911


Works & Utilities

Person Position Phone
Kris Johnson
Director of Works & Utilities 250-404-4096
Devon van der Meulen
Manager of Utilities 250-404-4075
Maarten Stam
Manager of Works 250-404-4082
Jeremy Storvold  General Manager Electrical Utility 250-404-4098 
General Inquires
Works & Utilities 250-494-0431