Parks & Recreation

Staff Directory

For general Department mailing addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation, please view the Contact page. To email an individual staff member, please select their department in the contact form and type their name at the top of your message.

Administration, Bylaw, and Corporate Services

Person Position Phone
Graham Statt Chief Administrative Officer 250-404-4043
Kendra Kinsley Corporate Officer 250-404-4037
Marnie Manders Manager of Human Resources 250-404-4053
Dana Silk Manager of Procurement and Contract Administration 250-404-4030
Deanna Rach GIS Administrator 250-404-4034
General Inquiries Reception - General Inquiries 250-494-6451


Development Services

Person Position Phone
Brad Dollevoet Director of Development Services 250-404-4057
Shannon Tooey Planning Technician 250-404-4058
Bobby Williamson Development Engineering 250-404-4072
Demitri Hofer  Building Official 250-494-1373
Tristan Hamersley Building Official 250-494-1373
Darren Krell Bylaw Enforcement Officer I 250-404-4048
Odessa Cohen Sustainability Coordinator 250-404-4068
General Inquiries/
Schedule Inspection
Development Services 250-494-1373



Person Position Phone
David Svetlichny
Director of Finance 250-404-4045
Renée Belyk
Manager of Financial Services 250-404-4041
General Inquiries Property Taxes / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable 250-404-4055
General Inquiries Utility Billing


Fire Department

Person Position Phone
Rob Robinson Fire Chief 250-404-4088
Kevin Holder Deputy Fire Chief
Patrick Hawkes Deputy Fire Chief 250-404-4061
Nigel Thomas Fire Fighter 250-404-4093
Jeff Peterson Fire Fighter 250-404-4093
General Inquiries Fire Department 250-494-7211
Emergency Dispatch 911


Mayor & Council

Person Position Email
Doug Holmes Mayor  Mayor Holmes
Erin Trainer Councillor Councillor Trainer
Martin (Marty) Van Alphen Councillor Councillor Van Alphen
Richard Barkwill Councillor
Councillor Barkwill
Adrienne Betts Councillor
Councillor Betts
Doug Patan Councillor
Councillor Patan
Janet Peake Councillor
Councillor Peake

Meeting with the Mayor or Members of Council and Invites

If you wish to make an appointment to meet with the Mayor please contact the Administration Office at 250-404-4037. The Corporate Officer will set up an appointment at an appropriate time. Please forward invitations to any events to

Individual members can be contacted via letter addressed to the Administration Office, Municipal Hall, or by also emailing Corporate Officer at

Parks & Recreation

Person Position Phone
Lori Mullin
Director of Community Services 250-404-4084
General Inquiries
Parks & Recreation 250-494-0447



Person Position Phone
Non-emergency Reception 250-494-7416
Emergency Dispatch 911


Works & Infrastructure

Person Position Phone
Joe Mitchell Director of Works & Infrastructure 250-404-4096
Devon van der Meulen
Manager of Water Utilities 250-404-4075
Shawn Goodsell Manager of Works 250-404-4082
Jeremy Storvold Director of Utilities 250-404-4098 
General Inquires Works & Infrastructure 250-494-0431