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Eco-Village Project

Eco-Village Concept Plan

The District, along with our consultants MODUS Planning & Design and Association Engineering, have completed a Eco-Village Concept Plan for a low-impact, environmentally sensitive residential development in the vicinity of the District's planned solar array generation facility. 

This Concept Plan has been developed through engagement with adjacent landowners, recreational trail group stakeholders, the Penticton Indian Band, and through technical assessments on environmentally-sensitive habitat, geotechnical constraints, and significant cultural and heritage values. 

Please find an updated copy of the Eco-Village Concept Plan below:

Eco-Village Concept Plan

Eco-village community hub

Project Overview

The District of Summerland is working with a team of consultants to create a concept plan for a Sustainability Eco-Village on its district-owned lands. This concept plan will be informed by engineering, environmental, archaeological and design expertise, best practices in sustainable design, as well as your community input.

The proposed eco-village development area sits on roughly 66 acres of land in the Prairie Valley area. The subject property is located across 13500 Prairie Valley Road, 12591 Morrow Avenue, and the Denike area. 

Public Survey

The eco-village survey has now closed. Please see the document below for a summary of the findings from the survey.

Public Survey Feedback Summary

subject property
Two Accesses

Past Presentations to District Council

Please see the below links for more information in the proposed eco-village concept plan. This page will be periodically updated with new information as it becomes available. 

Eco-Village Feasibility - May 10 Mid-Point Report
Eco-Village Feasibility - August 9 Council Presentation

Subject Property Characteristics

There are several design characteristics that emphasize the sustainable nature of the proposed eco-village. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Community sanitary sewer
  • 2 km walking/cycling distance to downtown
  • Environmentally sensitive habitat protection
  • Trail protection of the existing paths
  • District managed parkland
  • 1MW Solar Facility on the property
    • Provides power to 100 average homes
    • Potential for "micro-grid" connection
    • Potential for carbon neutrality
With the creation of this eco-village, the District of Summerland would also like to aim for LEED Certification. This would be encapsulated by promoting objectives such as reducing water and energy use per capita, facilitating healthy lifestyles, protecting threatened species, and increasing diversity of housing types.


If you have any questions regarding the proposed eco-village, please contact below:

Brad Dollevoet
Director of Development Services
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-404-4057