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Dec 10, 2020

Summerland Rotary Club Lights Up “The Grind”

With the Annual Festival of Lights canceled for this year, the Summerland Rotary Club wanted to do something to bring joy to the community by "Lighting the Grind" and approached the District of Summerland to explore ideas. The Rotary Club also wanted to take on a project to celebrate their 75th anniversary this month.

While the logistics of lighting up the Giant’s Head Mountain section of the Grind route was not possible for this year, Rotary opted to light up the starting section of the route in Lower Town. Over the last few weeks, Rotarians have been working with District staff to install lights from Peach Orchard Beach through to Rotary Beach as well as the Rotary Pier.

“COVID-19 has stopped many things in our life but not the need to raise funds for a number of important activities that the Summerland Rotary Club takes on each year,” noted Rotarian Ellen Walker-Matthew. “The Summerland Rotary Club and the Giants Head Grind have had to put many initiatives on hold. However, we are very committed to our ongoing work to raise awareness and early detection of Colorectal Cancer and to raise funds to support community projects including the Giants Head Mountain Trails and other important projects.”

The District of Summerland has been supportive and appreciative of the Rotary’s initiative to brighten our town during the holiday season.
“The Summerland Rotary Club and the District have collaborated on other projects over the years—the most recent being Phases 1 and 2 of the Giant’s Head Trails Redevelopment Project,” said Summerland Mayor Toni Boot. “Council fully supports the Summerland Rotary Club’s efforts in creatively adapting this important fundraising initiative to align with provincial public health orders. We congratulate you on 75 years of service to our community.”

For more about the Summerland Rotary Club fundraising event and how to donate, please visit
Rotary Pier Lights 2

Rotary Beach Lights Photo