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The District of Summerland and Summerland Sanitary Landfill staff want to ensure that visits to the landfill are safe and enjoyable for both users and staff.
In order to ensure this can be accomplished, the District of Summerland asks that all users adhere to the following guidelines:

Respect for Staff

The District of Summerland is committed to educating and helping customers dispose of material asetiquette efficiently and environmentally conscious as possible. If you have questions associated with the disposal of garbage, recyclable material, or yard/garden waste feel free to ask any staff onsite. Note that it is the responsibility of landfill customers to treat landfill staff with respect. Rudeness and mistreatment of employees is not permitted and staff will not hesitate to contact the RCMP if this intolerance continues in the future.

Safety Guidelines

  •  Take turns pulling onto scale.
  •  The speed limit within the landfill is 10 km/h. Please do not exceed this limit as unsafe driving can endanger staff and other landfill customers.  
  •  Drive onto and off the scale slowly, avoiding sudden jerks or abrupt halts to the scale.
  •  Please be aware of and courteous to people and activities going on around you.
  •  If an employee is pushing piles in the area that you wish to dispose of your material, wait until the front-end loader has vacated the premise before exiting your vehicle to dispose your material. 
  • There are multiple loaders at the Summerland Sanitary Landfill, it is important to note that these machines always have the right-of-way. Tailgating or cutting off loaders is dangerous as employees may not be able to see your vehicle. When approaching one of these machines, reduce speed and give lots of room for the loader to get through.  

   scale ettiqueete   Summerland Sanitary Landfill   

General Rules

  • Only dispose of your materials in the correct designated area, on piles and in between designated landfill signs. 
  • Vehicles accessing the landfill must weigh in and out for each separate waste or diversion material. 
  • All loads being taken to the Landfill must be secured and covered.
  • At the Summerland Landfill, our wood piles are broken down with a wood chipper. It is very important to avoid contamination in these wood piles as material such as metal, nails, and other appliances can be dangerous to staff and other landfill users.

The District of Summerland would like to thank Landfill users in advance for making the Summerland Sanitary Landfill a safe and enjoyable place to work and visit.

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