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Waste Reduction Week October 21-27, 2019

Congratulations to the Celebrate a Champion Contest Winners!

This Waste Reduction Week, our community nominated a number of local businesses and organizations doing great work to reduce waste, in line with the daily waste reduction themes. Nominees will be recognized with a certificate and their nominators have won great prizes from local businesses.

The winners and the reasons provided for their nominations are outlined below:

Circular Economy: Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Shop
"No one does a better job then the Hospital Thrift Shop on North Victoria Road. The only things going to the dump are REAL garbage, everything else is recycled. The donation bags and boxes are recycled as well. Some things are washed or mended before going out for sale. Some of those women are at work as early as 4:30 AM."

Champions & Innovators: Salon 1919
"I was recently getting my hair cut by Dionne and she was training a new person there and I heard her advise them to put the hair in this separate container cause they ship it out.  I asked her what she was talking about.  By looking at the greencircle website, she is the only hairdressers in Summerland that actually “recycle” the used hair by shipping it out and where they send it makes these booms type things to soak up oil when there is an oil spill.  Hair is apparently great for absorbing oil!  I asked her why every hairdresser wouldn’t do this and she said because it does cost her money to do it, she pays the shipping costs but she feels it is worth it.  She quietly does this and no one probably even knows, I just happened to overhear.  I think it is great!"

Plastics & Packaging: Maple Roch
"Maple Roch now allows customers to purchase maple syrup in refillable glass containers (their own or purchased in-store) rather than having to purchase in single-use plastic containers. They have also adopted a non-plastic tasting spoon alternative. Plastic packaging in a huge issue - thank you Maple Roch for offering the option of using reusable containers that do not create waste!"

Food Waste: Granny’s Fruit Stand, Bakery, Café
"The Cafe and fruit stand have a great partnership going! When the fruit stand has fruit and vegetables they are no longer able to sell most of it gets sent to the café side to be made into delicious soup, pies and other menu items rather than just being thrown out. When there is a surplus of produce that can’t be made into pie or soup at the moment the produce is frozen to be used when needed. Food scraps that can’t be used in the baking/cooking get set aside to go to local farmers and even into the café operators' home compost. They are extremely passionate about running the business with sustainability in mind and are always eager to discuss it." 

Swap, Share, Repair: Pinto Bags
"They make upcycled wallets, messenger bags, laptop bags and dog beds out of 100% upcycled highway billboard advertising, wetsuits, popped inflatables, cotton sheets, denim jeans, coroplast auto advertising, foam mattresses, fabric samples, upholstery booklets, marine vinyl and more. I thought this was a super creative way of taking existing resources that would wind up in a landfill and turning them into useful products."

E-Waste: PACE Computer Recycling & E Waste
"PACE is an amazing company which works to create employment opportunities for individuals who may have a hard time fitting in to a 9-5 schedule but love tech and taking things apart. They strip down and rebuild computers, laptops, tv’s and anything with a cord. They keep an enormous amount of e-waste out of the waste stream and refurbish it for re-use. They have found and sold collectors’ audio equipment, as well as all sorts of other treasures destined for the landfill."

It’s Waste Reduction Week in Summerland!

Click here for the 2019 Event Poster

Reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfill is important not only for the environment, but for our economy as well. Landfill space is valuable and the more waste we create, the more expensive it is for our community to maintain the landfill over time.

The best way to avoid waste is to Reduce it in the first place by avoiding unnecessary purchases and packaging. The next best option to is to Reuse wherever possible by repurposing items, shopping second-hand, or donating items so they can continue to be used. Finally, Recycle or Compost all materials that are at their end of life. Check out for ideas on how you can reduce waste in your home or business!

To help celebrate Waste Reduction Week, Summerland is hosting the following events:

FREE Screening of: REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle the Planet
Monday, October 21, 7:00pm (doors open @6:45)
Arena Banquet Room (8820 Jubilee Rd. – upstairs; doors on SE corner of building)

This film isn't about our waste problem. It's about solutions. And they are everywhere!

We live in a challenging time. Climate change and mass consumption are threatening our planet's existence. Excessive extraction of natural resources has created immeasurable waste and pollution. This issue is complicated and imminent. While recognition and awareness is important, direct action is by far the most effective. But traditional recycling is not enough. The reuse mission offers a more sustainable solution that everyone can be a part of.

One-Day Downtown Recycling Depot
Saturday, October 26, 8am-3pm
Arena Recycling Compound (8820 Jubilee Rd.)

Certain items are able to be recycled but must be brought to the Summerland landfill (at no charge). For one day only some of these items can be dropped off at the Arena Recycling Compound instead. Come between 8am and 3pm to drop off your:

  • Electronics, TVs, small appliances
  • Foam packaging (white or coloured)*
  • Glass jars & non-refundable bottles*
  • Plastic bags and overwrap*
  • Other flexible plastic packaging*
  • Batteries*
  • Lightbulbs*

*Residential materials only

Staff will be on hand to help you sort your material and answer questions about recycling in Summerland.

Check or for more details on what materials are accepted for recycling in our community and how to sort them properly.

Celebrate a Champion Contest!
Know an individual or business who is showing leadership by reducing waste? Tell us about it and you could both win prizes!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every day of the week has a waste reduction theme (see the graphic below and visit for more details) – you can enter one nomination per theme.
  2. Each nomination should include your name, the name and contact of the person/business you're nominating, the theme day they're nominated for, and a few sentences about why you're nominating them. Photos are great too!
  3. Send a short email with the information above to by 4pm on Monday October 28.
  4. A winner will be selected for each daily theme, and both they and the person who nominated them will win prizes from our local businesses. The winners will be shared on the District’s website and Facebook account.

Contest Rules:

  1. The person being nominated must be a resident of the District of Summerland or be a business working in the District to win a prize.
  2. Each person entering may enter one nomination for each of the daily themes (total of up to 7).