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Water Restrictions

Water used for irrigation accounts for approximately 80% of Summerland's total yearly water consumption. Water restrictions are an efficient tool Summerland uses to manage water use by restricting days and times when residents can irrigate. There are 5 stages of water restrictions with Stage 1 being the least restrictive and Stage 5 being the most restrictive.

It should be noted that Stage 1 Water Restrictions  remain in effect regardless of the abundance of water as the restrictions reduce water consumption which decreases the demand on the Water Treatment Plant and reduces water treatment costs.

Current Stage of Watering Restrictions

Summerland is currently in Stage 1 Watering Restrictions. 

Click on the following links if you wish to review additional information regarding watering restrictions.

Watering Restrictions - Even Numbered Houses
Watering Restrictions - Odd Numbered Houses

Please use water wisely. Here are some tips.