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2018 Spring Freshet Event

High Water Levels - Okanagan Lake, Aeneas Creek and Trout Creek

For general inquiries and requests for assistance, call 250-486-3765.

If losses are encountered due to flooding, you may be eligible for assistance through the Disaster Financial Assistance program.

If evacuated from your home, call Emergency Social Services at 250-462-0823 for assistance.

Other resources are listed on this page.

For more frequent status updates, please follow our Facebook page.

For emergency assistance, call 9-1-1.

Lake and Creek levels - update May 30, 2018

The level of Aeneas Creek continues to decrease. Okanagan Lake is still rising slightly and is currently at 342.67m. It is expected that the lake will reach a maximum level of 342.70m-342.80m over the next few days.

Property owners are reminded that although flood conditions are improving, a heavy rain storm could still cause significant increases in water levels. Flood mitigation measures (eg sandbags) should remain in place until water levels decrease further. Please do not remove sandbags at this time.

Once water levels have reduced to a level where it is acceptable to remove mitigation works, information will be provided regarding the options for disposal. We expect this information will be available next week.

Okanagan Lake, Aeneas Creek & Trout Creek update
Friday, May 18, 2018 1:30pm

Today’s lake level is 342.45m. The province is still predicting lake levels to rise to 343.00m therefore property owners should be prepared for a further rise of 55 cm (21.5 inches).

The District of Summerland is continuing to take proactive measures to protect municipal infrastructure against potential flooding. Powell Beach will be closed over the weekend as gabion baskets are installed as part of the mitigation strategy. In addition, beach access roads (five in Trout Creek; one at Crescent Beach) will be closed as gabion baskets are installed.

Creek levels remain stable; work at the Trout Creek dyke is nearing completion. Question relating to potential flooding, lake levels, etc. should be directed to Summerland’s Flood Information line at 250-486-3765.


Lake and Creek levels - update
May 16, 2018 3:30pm


The Water Stewardship Branch of Ministry of Forest, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development (FLNRORD) BC is predicting lake levels to increase to 343.00 metres. Today's lake level is 342.37 metres. Therefore, a further increase of 63 cm (25 inches) is expected over the next ten days to two weeks.

Property owners should note that the expected high water level is LESS than last year's high water (last year's high level was 343.25m). Current modelling indicates that water levels will not reach last year's high however residents are encouraged to take similar precautions and use sandbags or other measures to protect structures on their properties. To avoid sandbagging too low, residents should prepare their properties at the level that was sufficient to protect properties last year.

Empty sandbags are available at no charge at the Summerland Fire Department and sand piles are being deposited in multiple location along the lakeshore. Residents are encouraged to begin taking measures required to protect their properties. Municipal staff have also started taking proactive steps to protect district infrastructure in the case the water rises to predicted levels.

Questions should be directed to Summerland's Flood Information phone line at 250-486-3765.

There are a number of trees along Peach Orchard Road which have been affected by high water flowing through Aeneas Creek. Roots of these trees have been undermined. They have been identified as potentially dangerous to public safety and municipal infrastructure as they pose a risk of falling on roads, over the creek (blocking water flows), power lines, etc. District staff are working with an arborist to develop a strategy for removal and/or topping of these danger trees. Everyone walking or driving on Peach Orchard Road are reminded to be aware.

Material for work on the compromised section of the Trout Creek dyke has been hauled in and work will begin tomorrow.

The current forecast suggests that the South Okanagan may experience heavy rains over the next few days. Should such precipitation occur, residents are reminded that creek levels could rise rapidly. Use extreme caution while around moving water.

Updates will be posted on Facebook and the District of Summerland website at as new information becomes available.


Update May 15, 2018 6:00pm

Despite efforts to keep Okanagan Lake levels as low as possible in preparation for the spring freshet, provincial officials are now predicting lake levels to rise significantly over the coming weeks. Recent high temperatures combined with the significant snowpack at high alpine levels are creating this concern.

Property owners along Okanagan Lake shoreline within Summerland are encouraged to take precaution and protect their homes from flooding. Empty sandbags are available from the Summerland Fire department and sand is being deposited in multiple locations along the lakefront. Property owners are reminded to sandbag at a high enough elevation to allow for further rise (similar to last year).

The District of Summerland has just received this information from the province that lake levels are expected to rise significantly. More details regarding timing and expected maximum levels are expected tomorrow and will be posted as received. Although the levels are predicted to rise significantly from current levels, they are not expected to reach last year's levels.

District crews will begin mitigation works on municipal properties (beaches, road accesses, parks, etc) to ensure District infrastructure is protected.

All inquiries regarding the water levels and potential for flood should be directed to 250-486-3765.

After the precipitation last week along with the high temperatures, Trout Creek levels rose dramatically. An area at the toe of the Trout Creek dyke was negatively affected with the very fast running, high water levels. District of Summerland staff noted indications that the dyke had been compromised and subsequently had it assessed by a Geological engineer. The engineer confirmed Summerland's concerns and provided recommendations for a mitigation strategy. Work to reinforce the Trout Creek dyke will begin immediately.

Property owners in the Trout Creek area should be aware that if waters rise significantly prior to the mitigation work being completed, that an Evacuation Alert will be issued. Residents must be aware that if the dyke was breached, some properties in Trout Creek would be affected. The dyke is being monitored on a regular basis. An illustration of the weakened area is attached.

Water levels have not increased this week, however, with current high temperatures, water may rise again. Property owners are reminded to use caution while near the creek and to notify the District at 250-486-3765 if debris is noted in the creek or tree roots appear to be compromised from the high water.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The recent precipitation has had an impact on the creek water levels. Both Aeneas Creek and Trout Creek rose today; with further increase expected as the effects of the precipitation flow down to the creeks. Peak flows resulting from the rains are expected between 10:00pm and early tomorrow morning.

Residents are reminded to stay back from all creeks and to use extreme caution when near any moving water. Danger is high with the creeks running as fast as they are currently.

The walkway underneath Highway 97 at Trout Creek has been CLOSED due to erosion on the right side of the creek.

A large tree temporarily blocked Trout Creek at the McNaulty Forest Service Road bridge (Bathville Road) this afternoon. District staff worked to move the tree to reduce the blockage; Argo is onsite and will complete the work using a crane to remove the large tree.

If you witness debris causing a blockage in the flow of water in a creek, please consider that an emergency and call 9-1-1. For general inquiries regarding the rising waters, contact Summerland's Flood Inquiry line at 250-486-3765.

Trout Creek Intake

Tree stump Trout Creek Bathville Road

District staff working at Trout Creek Intake

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

An information meeting for property owners potentially affected by the rising level of Aeneas Creek will be held on Monday, May 7th at 6:30pm in Council Chambers, Municipal Hall (13211 Henry Avenue). District staff will provide an overview of the flood mitigation efforts underway in Summerland, identify areas of concern and answer questions related to the current state of local emergency.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The water level of Aeneas Creek water decreased slightly again today; however it is still expected to continue to increase. The District is monitoring the situation closely but is unable to predict how much higher the creek will rise.

Given the uncertainty of the situation and recognizing that there is significant snowpack remaining, the District of Summerland will be taking increased action to reduce the threat of damage caused by flooding of Aeneas Creek.

District staff have consulted with a Hydrology (Water) Engineering professional to further understand the areas which are of most concern. District staff will continue to undertake work that will reduce the threat to public infrastructure and public safety should creek levels increase. Over the past week, berms have been constructed and initial actions taken where breaches had already occurred. The next initiative will be to reinforce the berms west of Garnet Avenue and Blair as a breach in this area would cause water to flow towards downtown.

Over the next few days, more information will be available regarding the District work plan and resources available to properties affected by the rising waters. The District expects to contract a surveyor to put elevation stakes into yards bordering the creeks which will assist property owners in determining the optimal location for sandbagging (it is important to put the sandbags fairly close to the structures being protected to avoid having to re-sandbag as waters rise). If waters continue to rise, a District representative will also be available to meet onsite with property owners - details will be available later this week.

Over the past week, the District has been focused on the initial protection required to protect from flooding and in gathering the information required to understand areas of most concern and most susceptible to flooding. Efforts to reinforce such areas will continue and increased information will be made available to the public in the coming days.

Monday, April 30, 2018

District of Summerland crews were busy over the weekend continuing to address water flow issues with Aeneas Creek. The creek level rose over the weekend but is down slightly this morning. District crews worked on Garnet Avenue over the weekend building a large berm to divert water flow, at Garnet Dam Access Road where the construction of the bridge has started; and along Peach Orchard Road where the creek started to erode the side of the road. Assessments are continuing and work will continue as required.

Property owners along Julia Street, Robson Crescent, and Ritchie Street also sandbagged over the weekend taking proactive steps to protect their properties in the case the waters rise higher.

Empty sandbags are available at the Firehall and sand to fill has been deposited in numerous sites. The north end of Garnet Valley Road (north of 28999 GV Road; past the cattleguard) will be limited to local traffic only as flood mitigation construction efforts will be underway between that point and Garnet Dam.

Although creek levels did not rise overnight; it is expected that the waters will continue to rise over the next while. Residents are reminded to take extreme caution around moving water. The District of Summerland will continue to monitor the situation closely and takes additional actions as required.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The water level in Aeneas Creek continues to rise and has now breached its banks in some areas. This has caused localized flooding on private properties. At this time, water is making its way back into Aeneas Creek; however, as the creek level continues to rise, this flood water may find an alternate path away from the creek making it more difficult to manage. This would result in an impact to a much larger area. District crews and equipment will be constructing berms in the Garnet Valley area where localized flooding has occurred to divert the water back into the creek.

Berm on Garnet Avenue

The District of Summerland has declared a State of Local Emergency along Aeneas Creek and will continue to actively monitor water levels and water flow. Should build up of debris within the creek causing an obstruction to the water flow be discovered and be deemed necessary to remove, District crews will take measures to remove the obstruction and allow water to flow.

Residents are encouraged to take extra precaution around stream and waterways. In the case of increased water levels, please remember that flood waters can move quickly. Information will be posted on the District of Summerland website and Facebook page as conditions change.