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Mayor's Report


Mayor's Report 
March 23, 2015

The last two weeks have been active to say the least. One of the main focuses for council has been the development of our strategic plan, which consumes a large part of tonight’s agenda. This is council’s focus for this year and beyond. We have added a forth pillar “cultural vibrancy”. Council feels strongly that our drive to the future needs to reflect the depth and breadth of the cultural identity of Summerland. To that end a Cultural Task Force will be struck to formulate a cultural master plan for the community.

Another major effort of the last two weeks has been the review of amendments and proposed amendments to the OCP over the last six years. Council struck a select committee which has met a number of times for a considerable number of hours. This effort reflects the desire of the community to preserve our rural urban mix. The electorate provided this direction in the last election. Council will be bringing the results of these deliberations to the public in the near future.

Both of these major efforts are meant to spur economic activity, and to provide certainty and focus to the development community in Summerland.

All our efforts in these areas, with extensive budget deliberations over the last three months, plus an on ongoing examination of the advisory committees have been led very successfully by the stellar leadership of our interim CAO Tim Wood. Tim’s depth of experience has provided a seamless transition for a brand new council as we start our term. For me personally his kind, personable and thoughtful advice during his three month term has been invaluable.


Mayor’s Report
March 9th, 2015

The main event during the past two weeks was the Chambers 77th Annual Business and Community Awards Gala. The dinner was excellent, Thor Clausen did a great job of auctioneering- and I had the pleasure of awarding the Mayor’s Award of Excellence to the Sister City Committee. Many community businesses received awards, but accolades go out to all those who participated. I would like to thank Christine Petkau and her staff for a wonderful and fun event.
On the 7th I attended the AGM of the Friends of the Summerland Research Gardens- excellent attendance – The gardens have always been a special place for tourists, Summerland residents, and indeed the whole Okanagan. It is kept beautiful, largely due to the host of hardworking volunteers.
I have also attended regular meetings of the RDOS and the OBWB as Summerland Council’s representative.
As a council we are finalizing our strategic plan for this year. Also a select committee of council is reviewing our Official Community Plan and will soon bring a report to council.

Mayor's Report
February 23rd, 2015

This particular council meeting is somewhat of milestone. Each new council has aspirations for meeting public need, for accountability, and for transparency. This council is making some significant changes for open dialogue.

We decided to meld the Monday morning Committee of the Whole with our evening meeting to bring full discussion and questions for better public understanding. In addition we have provided for public input in our 15 minute period early in the meeting prior to votes on specific topics. As well the new procedural changes allow for public comment at the close of our meetings prior to adjournment. These opportunities for public participation are in addition to regular public comment where that is already a matter of regular procedure.

Existing and new committees are in the process of being set up with the terms of reference being largely driven by those tasked to participate.

We hope that these changes will help us reach our goals.

A phrase I heard recently covers our approach- “if you want to go fast, go alone,”  “If you want to go far, go together”

As well over the past two weeks, I have been involved with council in strategic planning, district budget plans for 2015, as well as Regional District budget, planning and regular meetings. I also met with our RCMP detachment commander Sergeant Stephane Lacroix- we will be meeting monthly so we can maintain a good dialogue.

Lastly as most of you know there was a flooding emergency at SADI, it has been resolved for the short term and we will be looking for long term solutions to meet the needs of SADI and Summerland’s youth. 

Mayor, Peter F. Waterman

Mayor's Report
Monday, January 26th, 2015

Since the last council meeting my schedule has been very active. Things started with an interesting business after business evening at the latest opening of a new business Rock Star Clothing, on the corner of Main Street and South Victoria. Its a great location and we wish them every success. This event was followed by yet another fascinating evening of the Conversation Caf. (by the way I do sincerely mean this), Barbara Thorburn and her committee do an incredible job of finding very interesting speakers. The speaker was Danielle Krysa. She is a returned Summerlander a challenging writer and artist.

The balance of the period was a series of meetings, including interviews for a new CAO for the District of Summerland, where we are getting very close to finding a successor to Mr. Day. In addition, Council has been busy in our own budget deliberations, and Councillor Boot and myself, have attended a series of Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen regular meetings, budgets meetings and planning sessions.

And last, but certainly not least, I was extended an invitation to attend the Legion, Robbie Burns dinner, I had my first serving of Haggis with all the pageantry of bagpipes, and drums plus very entertaining renditions of Robbie Burn poetry, and blessing the Haggis. I had a generous serving of Haggis and will go back for more next year. It was a full house, and the food was outstanding.

One final, rather sad note, was the passing of Ollie Olaf Norman Norum on December 31st. I attended a celebration of life at the Legion on January 22nd. Lots of good stories, many of us remember Ollie as a fixture of downtown he added colour to our town. A bench will be funded in his memory at Bench or donations may be made at the Credit Union, his friend Steve Haaf took care of all the arrangements.

Mayor Peter F. Waterman

Mayors Report
Monday, January 12, 2015

It has been a busy start to our term. One of our biggest snowfalls occurred January 4th and 5th. Crews were kept very busy, there were some complaints but by and large residents realized that crews did their utmost with some equipment breakdowns. Anybody who has run a farm or heavy equipment business realizes that despite constant maintenance equipment still goes down with heavy use. In addition Trout Creek residents had difficulties, in future as snowfalls reach approximately 4-6 inches, collectors and bus routes will be done as quickly as possible just like the other areas in town.

The electrical surge that happened in late November, hit homeowners in the Front Bench and Trout Creek areas very hard. A public open house was held January 6th. Public concerns were aired and staff explained the issue with the available information, a further Special Council Meeting will be held January 27th. Our Corporate Officer Maureen Fugeta will have more to say a little later.

I attended a special workshop of the Local Immigration Partnership Council January 7th- it was very informative, focussing on efforts to integrate new immigrants into the work place and generally to our society.

Chief Financial Officer Lorrie Coates will be leading our budget discussions starting January 21st, January 26th, January 28th, and February 2nd.

Councillor Boot and I have had several meetings of the RDOS board where we have just started budget discussions.

As you know Tom Day, our CAO, has just retired after doing a stellar job for Summerland.

Now I would like to introduce Tim Wood, a retired CAO who comes to us as our Interim CAO. Tim comes highly recommended. He will be leading us through a seamless transition as we move to hire a new full time CAO.

Mayor Peter Waterman

Mayor's Report
December 8, 2014

Our first week started December 1st with our inauguration. Official photos were taken where we were flanked by the RCMP in their Red Serge, and a swearing in with his honour Judge Koturbash. The pageantry with our families attending, made the whole ceremony a great honour. We were also happy to see our MLA Dan Ashton come forward and shake the new Councillors hands and wish us well as we started our new term.

The new Councils orientation started November 26th, with an all-day session with governance expert George Cuff, followed by an excellent session on legal responsibilities with the law firm of Fulton and Company of Kamloops, who specialize in municipal law Monday December 1st.

The calamitous snowstorm of November 25th /26th wreaked havoc for many home owners and had a major impact on many peoples electrical service with disastrous effects on appliances, furnaces, etc.

Staff will have a more thorough explanation in tonight's agenda.

Crews were busy twenty four hours straight plowing and cleaning up.

It was a very difficult time for Summerland residents, but I sincerely applaud our municipal staff for an exceptional response in a severe situation.

Mayor Peter Waterman