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The Works and Utilities Department is responsible for the administration of 3 cemeteries in Summerland. The locations of these cemeteries are as follows:

  1. Anglican Cemetery: 10005 Giants Head Road
  2. Canyon View Cemetery: 10316 Canyon View Road
  3. Peach Orchard Cemetery: 6300 Ramsay Street

Ground Maintenance

Comprehensive grounds maintenance is carried out at Canyon View Cemetery while only a minimum amount of maintenance is carried out at the Anglican and Peach Orchard Cemeteries. The reasoning for this is that Canyon View Cemetery has a Perpetual Care Fund that has been established to pay for the maintenance. This fund was established by charging a Perpetual Care Fund fee for the purchase of a plot or the installation of a memorial. These monies have been placed in trust and the interest on the trust account is used to offset the cost of maintenance.

Cemetery Plots

Cemetery plots are only available at Canyon View Cemetery. There are no spaces available at Peach Orchard or the Anglican Cemetery other than those spaces that have already been reserved.

Cemetery plots at the Canyon View Cemetery may be reserved by purchasing them at the Works and Utilities Department.

Arrangements for interment and memorial installations may be entrusted to a funeral home or may be personally made by contacting the Works and Utilities Department.


Memorial trees and memorial benches may be placed at Canyon View Cemetery and are available for purchase through the Works and Utilities Department.

More Information

Cemetery Fees and Charges (238 KB PDF)
Cemetery Bylaw (646KB PDF)
Canyon View Cemetery Brochure (595KB PDF)

To Contact the Works and Utilities Department:

Phone: 250-494-0431
Fax: 250-494-3399