Summerland’s Transportation Master Plan

Final draft of the plan was presented to Council on  December 10th and was “Approved in Principle” . Staff have been directed to make the necessary revisions and updates to the document and update the Transportation component of the Official Community Plan. For more information about the plan, please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 250 494-0431.

The Draft Master Transportation Plan

What is a Transportation Master Plan?

A transportation master plan evaluates the existing and future transportation network.
The transportation master plan will answer the following questions:

How can transportation be accessible to all community members?
How can Summerland promote sustainable transportation?
How can traveling in Summerland be safer?
Will transportation infrastructure respond appropriately to development?
What new roads, signals and lanes are required in the future?

Why do we need a Transportation Master Plan?
As Summerland continues to grow as a community, it is important that a plan is in place to guide District spending on transportation projects. This allows the District to provide transportation infrastructure to meet community needs, not react to transportation problems for all modes of travel. A transportation master plan is also a prerequisite to obtaining certain types of grant funding from senior levels of government.

The District of Summerland needs your help!
The Summerland Transportation Master Plan will be developed in close consultation with the residents of Summerland to ensure a successful result. We encourage your participation at public open houses and by contacting the District Summerland Engineering and Public Works department at 494-0431. 

Where we are at and what is next?

Three hundred and sixty three traffic surveys were returned to the District of Summerland in April and early May. This data has now been sorted and is available in two letter reports on this website.  (See link below ). Thank you for your participation Summerland – these numbers were significant and we have taken a positive step forward in the preparation of our transportation master plan. .  

Survey Results Summary

Survey Results

The second of  3 open houses on the transportation plan was held on July 18th at the I.O.O.F. hall on Main Street. A 35 minute presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of roundabouts was given by District consultant Mike Skene of the Boulevard Transportation Group.  About 20 people including 2 councilors and Mayor Gregory attended.  Participants were asked to complete an exit survey after they had perused the materials displayed. Further to this, we have now added these presentation materials to our web site. Also on line is a blank exit survey which we encourage you to fill out and bring to Municipal Hall, even though you may not have had an opportunity to come to the open house.  

Open House July 18th, 2007 Documents

Open House Exit Survey

Our 3rd and final open house was held October 3rd.  For a look at some of the material that was presented at the open house please check the preview posters below.

 Posters   1  2  3

After previewing the posters, if you wish to fill out an exit survey and forward to the District Summerland, please click the link below.

Open House Exit Survey  Form

The District of Summerland and Boulevard Transportation Group wish to thank the public for their interest and participation in the development of the Transportation Master Plan. A final draft of the plan will be presented to Summerland Council for adoption later this fall.  For information about the plan, please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 250 494-0431.







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