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Snow Course Survey

The District of Summerland, in co-operation with the Provincial Ministry of Environment, operates two snow courses with one located at Isintok Reservoir (#2F11) and the other located at the Headwater Reservoirs (#2F02).

Snow course readings are taken prior to the first of the month for January to May and mid-monthly for May and June or until there is no snow remaining.  The snow depth is measured at ten locations at each of the two snow courses.  An aluminum tube is used to extract a sample of the snowpack and the weight of the snow within the tube is used to determine the equivalent depth in water.  This method is used as the amount of water in the snow is not dependent on the depth of the snow but depends on if the snow is heavy and wet or dry and fluffy.

The equivalent depth of water from each snow course is compared to the historical amounts measured at each location.  It is expressed as a percentage of the historical value and provides staff with a means of comparing current monthly readings to historical data.  It also serves as a tool to assist staff in accurately forecasting the relative amount of runoff that will be available in the spring when the snow melts.

More Information

Snow Course Survey Graph May 2016 (93KB PDF)
Snow Course Survey data May 2016 (9KB PDF)

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