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Council identified Downtown Vibrancy as part of the 2019 Strategic Planning process and the creation of a Downtown Neighborhood Plan is a strategic implementation priority that will provide a long-term vision for the future growth and development of the downtown neighbourhood.  

The District is creating a Downtown Neighbourhood Plan Task Force to help guide the planning process provide direction for staff and any consultants through the planning process and create community champions for plan implementation.  

“As our community evolves and as the form and character of downtown begins to change with new investment, it is important to review existing policies as they relate to downtown and identify areas to focus on to move the downtown neighbourhood forward,” said Anthony Haddad, Chief Administrative Officer with the District. “A focus on the sustainable use of existing infrastructure and an increased desire for downtown residential living require informed and updated policy responses from the District through the planning process,” he added. 

The Task Force will be made up of a mix of local stakeholders and residents with an interest in the future enhancement and vibrancy of the downtown neighbourhood. Representation on the Downtown Plan Task Force will include members from the following groups, all with an interest in moving the downtown community forward in a positive direction: 

• Downtown business owners
• Residents of Summerland
• Chamber of Commerce
• Youth representatives
• School District 67
• Supportive Housing / Social Services providers
• Arts, Culture and Heritage representatives
• Parks & Recreation representatives 
• Seniors representatives
• Development & Real Estate Community
• Other groups as directed by Council.
“Council has identified the Downtown area as a key part of our strategic priorities and it is exciting to see the planning process begin,” said Summerland Mayor Toni Boot. “We encourage those interested in playing a role to put their names forward to be part of the Task Force that will lead the process over the coming year.”
For those that are interested in being part of the Task Force please send an Application to

Application forms can be found at 

Applications will be received until Friday September 25th, 2020.



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