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Council Remuneration Task Force 

At the February 28, 2022 Regular (Afternoon) Council Meeting, Council directed staff to draft a Terms of Reference to outline the scope of the Council Remuneration Task Force.  This Terms of Reference was presented to and approved by Council at the March 14, 2022 Regular (Afternoon) Council Meeting. 

The Task Force on Council Remuneration is an advisory committee of Council established in accordance with the Council Procedures Bylaw. The purpose of the Task Force is to conduct research, review existing bylaws, policies, and practices, and provide an independent report with recommendations with respect to Council remuneration, benefits, and expenses for the next term of office.

The Task Force will be comprised of 3 members of the public, selected by the Chief Administrative Officer, to make recommendations with respect to:

  • Guiding principles for council remuneration;
  • Appropriate remuneration including base salary and per diem amounts;
  • Benefits offered;
  • Allowances and expenses;
  • Options for making periodic adjustments to established remuneration; and
  • Standards for remuneration review.

Designated staff liaisons and support for the Task Force will include the Chief Administrative Officer, a member from the Corporate Services department and a member from the Human Resources department.

The Task Force will make its recommendations to Council by way of a report. The Task Force will report to Council no later than June 30, 2022.

Terms of Reference - Council Remuneration