Earth Week & Day 2022

That is a wrap! Thank you to all the staff, Council and Mayor, residents, schools, local businesses and organizations that attended, assisted with and took part in the 13th annual Earth Week and 16th annual Earth Day events and activities.

  • First Things First Okanagan
  • Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship
  • Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society and Lisa Scott
  • Braden-Hill Orchard
  • Kyle Anderson Music
  • Localmotive
  • Swiss Tech Solar
  • Skyfire Solar
  • Replenish Refillery
  • Summerland Research Station


  • Ron Ryde with Net Zero Enterprise,
  • Local resident bakers who provided amazing baked goods at the Earth Day Fair,
  • All the EV drivers who took part in the parade and showcased their vehicles at the show and shine.
  • Summerland Secondary Students from Ms. Beckers class, and Giants Head Elementary students from Ms. Balfour and Ms. Collette's classes for garbage cleanup, and 
  • Trout Creek elementary classes for assisting with beach cleanup of leaves and debris! 

The District would also like to thank the Okanagan Summerland Branch Public Library, Arts Centre and Museum for participating with their own events during the week, and to the library who provided the space for the earth day fair. As well as Koncept Kalifornia who generously donated a gift card as part of the staff and community prizes during earth week. 

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First Things First Deep Dive

A 1 hour deep dive discussion was had on Thursday April 21st in honor of earth week with guests Dr. Alison Shaw of  Action on Climate Team (ACT) out of SFU, James Littley from the Okanagan Basin Water Board, and two Summerland secondary students Grace and Amelia. A big thank you to all of our panelists, First Things First for coordinating the Deep Dive discussion, and all those who came out to watch.

If you missed the discussion you can find the recording here.

Earth Day Planting at the WWTP (April 24th)

IMGP1400 IMGP1419 IMGP1403 IMGP1380 IMGP1396 IMGP1389 IMGP1399 IMGP1386 IMGP1381 IMGP1358 IMGP1368 IMGP1366 IMGP1375 IMGP1417 IMGP1371 IMGP1422 IMGP1382 IMGP1407 IMGP1377 Fire Dept_watering_Earth Day 2022_LScott Brian H and grandson_Earth Day 2022_LScott Brian H and grandson2_Earth Day 2022_LScott


We had over 40 people attend the WWTP planting, of those 40 people 14 were families and the Mayor. We had dozens of residents come to the recycle depot on April 23rd, which resulted in:

  • 19 Mega bags of simple/fancy plastics
  • 8 Mega bags of white/coloured Styrofoam
  • 5 Mega bags of cardboard
  • 5 Mega bags of glass
  • 7 Mega bags of E-waste
  • 1 Mega bag of mixed recycling
  • 4 pails of batteries
  • 1 box of alarms
  • 3 boxes of ballasts
  • 2 boxes of lightbulbs
  • 4 bags of garbage
  • 2 full 240L blue bin recycling
  • 1 book cart
  • 2 miscellaneous large appliances

If you missed the recycle depot you can still go to the landfill and drop any electronics, plastic, lightbulbs, batteries, glass jars and cardboard. See image below of where the recycle depot is located at the landfill.

recycle depot landfill aerial photo 2


The earth week BINGO had two residents win prizes for gift cards from local businesses (Maple Roche and Replenish), thank you to those who entered.