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Planned Water Shutoff March 2017

Boil Water Notice is no longer in effect.

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 3:48 pm update

Update on PRV10 Project: The Boil Water Notice has been LIFTED. Water quality meets Canadian Drinking Water guidelines and may be consumed without further treatment.  Thank you for your patience!



Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 2:00 PM update

Update on the Boil Water Notice: Water quality has continued to improve since the PRV10 project was completed. Unfortunately, test results have not been sufficient to remove the Boil Water Notice yet. Samples do not meet the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

It is beneficial for water to move through the entire system as much as possible to assist in clearing all the lines. The flushing that District crews have done over the past few days has assisted in this improvement in water quality and this will continue. All water use will help.

The District of Summerland will continue to provide information when it is available. If the Boil Water Notice is still in effect on Monday, more detailed information will be provided regarding the water quality, issues and any updated estimated timelines available.

Once again, thank you for your patience and incredible support shown over this project. It's hard to express how much the support from the community has meant to everyone involved in this project!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 3:00 PM update

Many properties are still experiencing some cloudy, brownish or yellow discolouration in their water. This is not uncommon as the system settles back into regular operation. The discoloured water is not a result of a chemical imbalance but rather from the turbulence in the waterlines caused by this project.

To help move the water through the system more quickly, the District will begin to flush the water system tomorrow by discharging water into the large pond at Kelly Avenue. This procedure will help move the discoloured water out of the lines and to shorten the length of time that the boil water notice will remain in effect.There should be no impact on the supply of water during this discharge.

In addition, as resources become available additional watermains will also be flushed. If you see water being discharged from fire hydrants - this is part of the flushing process.

A total of 70 valves along the water system were operated during the PRV10 water project. The District was fortunate that 65 of those valves operated correctly. Four of the valves had issues that were resolved by staff. One valve failed and remained stuck in the closed position. This valve is located in the intersection of Julia St and Rosedale Avenue. An excavation is required at that location to repair the valve. This work will begin tomorrow and will have no impact on the water system.


Sunday, March 5, 2017​ - 3:00 PM update

Work is complete in PRV10 and the system is fully pressurized.

Overview of PRV10 ProjectAll properties should be receiving water as normal. There is no longer need to reduce consumption; water may be used for usual activities.

BOIL WATER NOTICE remains in effect until testing shows it meets Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Contact the District at 250-486-3765 if you are experiencing any problems or have questions.


Sunday, March 5, 2017​ - 9:00 AM update

The PRV10 Water Project continues to go very well. The project is currently ahead of schedule.

Crews and contractors worked throughout the night.

Sinclair Site Flange at Sinclair Sinclair Valve Installation
Sinclair Site Flange at Sinclair Sinclair Valve Installation

All the work required on the water system has now been complete; the valves at the Water Treatment Plant have been reopened and the system is reloading. Crews will now be testing the system. If no leaks or other issues are found, the system will be fully functional by early afternoon and water consumption can resume to normal levels.

Removing PRV10Residents are reminded that a BOIL WATER NOTICE will remain in effect for the next 4-10 days as the system returns to normal operation. Water samples will be taken each day and when the water meets Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines, the boil water notice will be lifted.

Post-project construction will continue at the Morrow Avenue site, Sinclair Road site and the PRV10 site over the course of the coming week. The road closure at Sinclair Road will remain in effect this week.

Some residents at higher elevations may continue to experience low water pressure or air in the waterlines this morning until the system is fully reloaded. There may be a temporary loss of water in some locations during this time. A supply of water from the water truck is still available at the Aquatic Centre. Large containers are required. If you continue to experience a lack of water after 11:00 am, please contact the District at 250-486-3765.

Residents and businesses will be advised later today if all checks are complete and consumption can return to normal.

The Communications Centre is open at the Aquatic Centre today between 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM for any questions or inquiries. There is still a good supply of bottled water donated by Nesters Market available for pick up for anyone that drops by.

Call 250-486-3765 for any other questions.

1500 Pounds of Steel
New Valve
Out with the old...
In with the new!


Saturday, March 4, 2017​ - 9:00 AM update

The PRV10 Water Project is progressing as planned.

Pre-construction meeting at 4:30 AM Venting at PRV10 into vault 42-Inch Valve at Sinclair
Pre-construction meeting at 4:30 AM Venting of PRV10 into Vault 42-Inch Valve at Sinclair

District crews and contractors worked through the night and the watermain was successfully drained shortly after midnight. Most properties in Summerland are now receiving their water through the alternate water supply.

Work has started at Morrow Avenue site, Sinclair site and PRV10 site at Prairie Valley and Victoria.

Properties in the Bentley Road/Sumac Ridge area are currently experiencing a temporary loss of water due to a break in the waterline on Bentley; crews are investigating. A further update will be provided on this when the issue is identified.

Additional resources were required last night as Fire Crews fought an out of control brush fire on Bentley Road. There was an adequate supply of water and the fire was put under control quickly.

There have been reports of intermittent water and air in the pipes in the Taylor Place area and other properties in higher elevations. It is critical that all residents reduce consumption as much as possible. If your water is intermittent or limited, a supply of water is available from a water truck located at the Aquatic Centre. Bring a large container.

Water users may experience lower water pressures than usual and are reminded to limit the amount of water used for the duration of the weekend. The Boil Water Notice remains in effect and residents and business are reminded to use stored or bottled water for drinking or continue to boil for at least one minute before consuming.

A Communication Centre will be open at the Aquatic Centre between 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM today and Sunday. Staff will be on hand to answer questions or concerns you may have. Phone inquiries should be directed to 250-486-3765.

Another update will be provided at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning or as unexpected events occur.


March 3, 2017 - 9:58 AM update

As crews prepare to drain the large diameter watermain between the Water Treatment Plant and PRV10 this evening, the alternate water systems have been introduced and valves are being exercised to isolate the work area. Some residents and businesses may begin to experience low pressure.
Crews are currently investigating low pressure concerns in the Sumac Ridge, Logie Road and Bentley Road areas.

If you are experiencing no water, please call 250-486-3765.


Water Shutoff March 3 to 6 - mailout Feb 22, 2017 (608KB PDF)

Important information regarding the March 3 to 6 Water Shutoff

The water shutoff for the Pressure Reducing Valve #10 (PRV10) project scheduled for March 3 to 6 is going forward and final preparations are underway. When the shutoff was announced last fall, the District explained that engineering work was still being reviewed to determine whether the effects of the water shutoff could be minimized.

It is now confirmed that the District will provide an alternative water supply – not drinkable – for the majority of the shutdown. For most properties, this will mean that water will be available through their taps – for showers, flushing toilets, etc. for much of the duration of the shutoff. The water will be diverted from the Garnet Water System and the Summerland Irrigation System and may be intermittent and have low pressure and low flow. The water will NOT be drinkable and everyone must still have drinking water on hand.  A Boil Water Notice will be issued at 7:00 am Monday, February 27 and will be in effect for 4 to 10 days following the completion of the repairs (March 10 to 17).  

This is a complex project and although every effort is being made to prepare for the work, unexpected situations can occur.  Being able to provide our residents and businesses with timely information during the shutdown is critical to the District.  We will endeavour to communicate through all means possible. Please remember that the most up to date information will be posted on this website and on the District Facebook page.  Now is the time to “LIKE” the District to receive ongoing updates as they become available. 

Inquiries may be directed to Devon van der Meulen, Manager of Utilities at 250-404-4075 or email

Prairie Valley Road - Temporary Road Closure

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Prairie Valley Road just east of Sinclair Road will be closed as part of the Water Shutdown project and will remain in effect until approximately March 10.  Trucks will be detoured through Cartwright Avenue and Jubilee Road while other traffic can detour at Cartwright Avenue or Sinclair Road.  Local Traffic can access Prairie Valley Road near Giants Head School from the ovalabout or through Ward Street from Sinclair Road.

On March 3 to 6 the work zone near PRV10 will require a lane closure on the north side of the ovalabout located at Prairie Valley Road and Victoria Road.  Further information on this road closure will be posted closer to March 3.

Prairie Valley Road - Temporary Road Closure (183KB PDF)

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The District of Summerland will strive to keep you as updated as possible as information is available on this website and on the District's Facebook page.

Sunday, March 5, 2017​ - 9:00 AM update