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Soft plastics can be returned for recycling, free of charge, to the Summerland Landfill Recycling Depot. Soft plastics must be sorted and separated into the proper bin at the Landfill Recycling Depot and not mixed with other recyclables. 

Materials must be CLEAN and DRY. 

Soft Plastic CANNOT be recycled in your curbside collection cart. 

                           Image result for green checkAccepted Materials

  • YES Grocery bags.
  • YES Bags for bread.
  • YES Bags for salads.
  • YES Bags for dry cleaning. 
  • YES Bags for produce.
  • YES Overwrap from soft drink flats.
  • YES Overwrap from mattresses, furniture, or
  • YES Outerwrap for paper towel, toilet paper, diapers, and hygiene products.

Unsure if it's Soft Plastic or Other Flexible Plastic Packaging?
Click here for a helpful guide to determine whether your material belongs in this recycling stream!

           X Unaccepted Material

  • NO Paper or plastic envelopes.
  • NO Bags with a ziploc top.
  • NO Chip or cereal bags.
  • NO Cellophane/kitchen stretch wrap.
  • NO Bubble wrap.
  • NO Lumber or construction wrap. 
  • NO Garbage bags (all colours).


Click here to download the District's 'Soft Plastic Recycle Card' to aid in recycling plastic at home.

RecycleBC has created a video to increase awareness regarding the acceptability of plastic bags in your curbside recycling.

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