City Services

Paper Packaging & Cardboard can be returned for recycling, free of charge, to the Summerland Sanitary Landfill Recycling Depot. Return Paper Packaging & Cardboard must be sorted and separated into the proper bin at the Landfill Recycle Depot and not mixed into other containers. Materials MUST be CLEAN and DRY.  

                      Image result for green check markAccepted Materials:

  • Paper 
    • YES Newspapers; 
    • YES Magazines & catalogues; 
    • YES Telephone directories; 
    • YES Envelopes; and 
    • YES Shredded paper (in bags). 
  • Paper Packaging for Dry Goods 
    • YES Cardboard and boxboard;
    • YES Carrier boxes for soft drinks; 
    • YES Cores for paper towel;
    • YES Moulded boxboard packaging for egg cartons; and 
    • YES Paper bags (single and multi-layer).
  • Cartons & Paper Cups
    • YES Paper cups;
    • YES Milk cartons;  
    • YES Tetra-paks; and
    • YES Ice cream boxes.

         X Unacceptable Materials:

  • NO Hardcover books or padded envelopes; 
  • NO Tissue, paper towel, napkins; 
  • NO Plastic straws; 
  • NO Styrofoam or plastic bags; 
  • NO Clothing; 
  • NO Electronics; or 
  • NO Food.


Important Information: 

Blue bin recyclables are accepted at the Landfill Recycle Depot, however these materials must be separated into Paper/Cardboard and Containers. Materials MUST be CLEANDRY and PROPERLY SORTED.
For a printable version of what can be recycled in your blue curbside bin, click here.

If you missed your designated collection day for recycling, these materials can be returned for recycling at the Summerland Landfill Recycle Depot.