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Glass Containers

Clear and coloured, glass bottles and jars can be returned for recycling at no cost, to the Summerland Sanitary Landfill. 

Containers MUST be CLEAN and DRY 

  • Containers that have not been cleaned contaminate the recycling bin and can result in the entire recycling bin ending up in the landfill as garbage.

  • Refundable jars and bottles are NOT accepted at the Summerland Sanitary Landfill. Please return these to a local Bottle Depot for a refund.

  • Lids for bottles and jars are accepted in your blue curbside collection bin.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Glass jars/containers do NOT go in your curbside collection cart. This causes contamination and may end up resulting in entire truckloads of recycling being buried as garbage.

   Image result for green check markAccepted Materials

  • YES clear and coloured non-refundable glass bottles and jars. 

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Unacceptable Materials

  • NO drinking glasses, dishes or cookware.
  • NO ceramic products.
  • NO light bulbs and fixtures.
  • NO whole or broken mirrors or window glass.
  • NO deposit glass (take to bottle depot for refund).
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Click here to download the District's 'Glass Recycle Card' to aid in recycling glass products at home.