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White and Coloured polystyrene foam packaging can be returned for recycling, free of charge, to the Summerland Landfill Recycling Depot. White and coloured packaging MUST be sorted into SEPARATE bins at the Landfill Recycling Depot and not mixed together. 

Materials MUST be CLEAN and DRY.

Foam Packaging CANNOT be recycled in your curbside collection cart. 

                        Image result for green checkAccepted Material

  • YES Trays for meat, produce, etc.
  • YES Foam egg cartons.
  • YES Take-out containers, cups, and bowls.
  • YES Cushion packaging for electronics, small appliances, etc.
styrofoam packaging
                                 Unacceptable Materials
  • NO Absorbent liners from trays (belong in garbage).
  • NO Labels, tape, paper or cardboard from packaging.
  • NO Foam peanuts and chips for packing.
  • NO Napkins or cutlery.
  • NO Blue or pink insulation board.
  • NO Squishy or flexible foam.
  • NO Furniture cushions.
   squishy foam   foam peanuts   foam insulation

Click here to download the Districts 'Foam Packaging Recycle Card' to aid in recycling foam at home.