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Proposed Summerland Organics Processing Facility 

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The District of Summerland has been reviewing it's current composting operations at the Summerland Sanitary Landfill to determine what improvements/upgrades to make to the composting operation facility in order to meet regulatory requirements and advance operational and environmental benefits, including removing Summerland residential food scraps from our garbage for composting and sale. The District is looking at applying for the Organic Infrastructure Program Fund to help supplement the cost of these improvements. 

- Summerland Organics Processing Facility Presentation, March 18, 2019; 

- Organics Definitions  

Summerland Residential Food Scraps Removal from Garbage 

Organics Infrastructure Program Fund 

In November, 2018 the District of Summerland submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the B.C. Organics Infrastructure Program (OIP) Fund for the construction of a composting operation facility at the Summerland Sanitary Landfill. The District has been notified that the EOI submission was successful and has been invited to submit a grant application to the OIP Fund for the proposed Summerland Organics Processing Facility. The OIP Funding programs objectives are as follows: 

- To support infrastructure projects in B.C. that process municipal and/or agricultural organic wastes for beneficial re-use;

- Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; 

- Divert new organic wastes to higher value end uses; and 

- Support the use of nutrient recovery transformation technologies in the agricultural sector.   

Following are the application and program timelines. 
Organics Infrastructure Program Fund Application Timeline: 

Fund Application Timeline

Organics Infrastructure Program Fund Overall Timeline:

Overall Infrastructure Timeline

Summerland Organics Processing Facility Information Presentation, March 18, 2019:

- Delegation - GHD Ltd. March 18, 2019:

     - PowerPoint Presentation from GHD Ltd. March 18, 2019

     - Organics Definitions 

Council Reports and Presentations 

- Organics Infrastructure Program, July 23, 2018;

- Organics Infrastructure Fund Application Information, February 25, 2019

- Delegation - GHD Ltd. March 18, 2019;

     - PowerPoint Presentation from GHD Ltd. March 18, 2019;

     - Organics Definitions