The District of Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
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The Water Division wishes to notify residents that they may experience low or no water pressure while we facilitate a water main valve replacement.

This disruption of water service will affect approximately 375 residences in the Lower Town, Solly, Peach Orchard, Switchback, and North Lakeshore areas.


Specific Roads that are affected are as follows:

Austin Street

Elsey Avenue

Lipsett Crescent

Beattie Avenue

Etters Lane

MacDonald Place

Beaver Street

Fisher Close

MacDonald Street

Beggs Street

Gillespie Road

Nelson Street

Blewett Road

Gowans Street

Phillips Avenue

Butler Street

Hill Crescent

Pohlman Avenue

Charles Avenue

Inglis Avenue

Ramsay Street

Century Street

Kato Street

Shaughnessy Avenue

Cuthbert Road

Kennedy Street

Solly Road 

Downton Avenue

Latimer Avenue


Lakeshore Drive South from Highway 97 to 17213 Lakeshore Drive North

Peach Orchard Road from Lakeshore Drive to 7129 Peach Orchard Road

Switchback Road area up to and including Elsey Avenue


This disruption of water service will take place during the NIGHT of:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


9:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.


Note that this date is subject to change if staff is required to respond to an emergency.  If this occurs you will be notified of a new date.


Residents are advised to:

·         keep an adequate supply of water on hand.

·         ensure that all automatic equipment using water (electrical or otherwise), is suitably protected for the shutdown.

·         ensure that your hot water tank is shut off and that it is adequately filled with water before it is reactivated.

After the water service has been fully restored, please check for sediment before using.  Running a cold water tap for a few minutes will clear the lines.

The District of Summerland accepts no liability for damage resulting from this disruption in water service.

If your property is a rental unit, please notify your renters as this notification is only being sent to property owners.

The District of Summerland apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause you and thanks you for your cooperation.

For further information please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 250-494-0431.



Scott Lee

Manager of Water Operations