The District of Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
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Engineering & Public Works

Snow Course Survey

In co-operation with the Provincial Ministry of the Environment, the District of Summerland operates two snow courses, one at Isintok Lake (# 2F11) and the other at Summerland Reservoir (#2F02), also known as Headwaters. Snow depth is measured at ten locations for each snowcourse. An aluminum tube is used to extract a sample of the snowpack and the weight of the snow within the tube determines the water equivalent. This is done because the depth alone does not give an accurate understanding of the volume of water which will be produced from the snow when it melts. The water equivalent from each snowcourse is compared to the historical amount measured at each location. It is expressed as a percentage of the historical value. This gives a means of comparing current monthly readings to those in the past and serves as a useful tool to gauge the relative amount of runoff within the watershed. Readings are taken prior to the first of the month for January to May and mid-monthly for May and June or until there is no snow.

Snow Course Survey Data
Snow Course Survey Graph